Medical Cannabis Saves Health and Money

Why choose medical cannabis over chemical prescriptions? The short answer: cannabis saves health and money. Medical cannabis is on the rise and with that rise drops the use of opioids and other harmful prescriptions. Here’s why.

Cannabis Saves Health

To determine how cannabis saves health and money, we first focus on health. Short term and long term, cannabis is saving health one patient at a time. This is what big pharma doesn’t want you to know because the cannabis industry is stealing all their patients. Yes, it is an illegal drug, but just because someone in government makes a statement, does it mean it’s valid? I think not. The war on drugs was nothing but a ploy to round of political advocates, the hippy leaders who opposed the Vietnam War and the Black Panthers exposing racism. Even if you find that statement a little far-fetched, you can’t deny the health facts when cannabis stacks up against chemical pharmaceuticals. Here’s the gist:


  • 29 percent of patients prescribed opioids for chronic pain misuse them[1]
  • Over 2 million Americans live with addiction to opioids[2]
  • Every day, more than 115 people in the United States die after overdosing on opioids[1]
  • About 80 percent of people who use heroin first misused prescription opioids.[3]
  • 97% of researched sample were able to decrease the number of opiates they consumed when they also use cannabis, and 81% found that taking cannabis by itself was more effective at treating their condition than taking cannabis with opioids.[4]

Of course, there are a lot of people who would argue the facts stated above. Let’s not forget that overdoing anything can lead to death. To quote the revered Hamilton from Vice’s Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia, “people will die doing absolutely everything: running, having sex, defecating, aspirin.” The fact is that cannabis is a non-toxic substance and therefore won’t kill you, unlike opioids in comparison. This doesn’t mean that you can’t die from using cannabis.

The irresponsible consumption of cannabis can be similarly compared to irresponsible consumption of water. Water is non-toxic and an essential part of life, but if you drink gallons upon gallons, you will most certainly die from consuming too much – and there are plenty of unfortunate cases where this has happened. The fact of the matter always comes down to responsible consumption. There will always be people in a society that make it their mission to go out and disprove a claim, whether that be the fact that you can’t die from water or cannabis. It should be considered that when we debate the topic of mortality, overdosing and addiction, we are talking about it when used responsibly. This also doesn’t mean that people are tempted to use cannabis irresponsibly just like people are not tempted to drink water irresponsibly. We have an innate ability to stop when we have had enough.

Cannabis Saves Money

Using cannabis as a medication can greatly reduce your medical costs. This is based on two factors: tolerance and self-supply. It’s true that insurance can cover your costs of prescriptions, but will it recover your declining health from overconsuming and increasing doses? The problem is this: opioids are a strong medication, but your body easily builds up a tolerance to it which means that over time, the user will need more and more and more. Even if insurance pays for the prescriptions, the user will develop a whole host of health problems resulting to opioid addiction.

Cannabis isn’t always a substantial substitute for prescriptions like opioids, but the use of cannabis opens opioid receptors in the brain causing the patient with chronic pain to need less opioids for more relief – this means taking less, buying less and having a less harmful impact on the body.

Of course, it would be much more beneficial if insurances would help pay for the cost. That’s why Germany’s medical market is far more supreme – medicinal cannabis is federally legal and recognized by insurances. But, we’ll get there eventually and then cannabis will be by far the most money-saving option. Without contest, cannabis saves health and money which is why the revolution of cannabis to rise above prohibition is crucial for both our lives and our wallets.


  • Medical Marijuana improved quality of life, reduced pain and opioid use and lead to cost savings[5]
  • By substituting Medical Marijuana, monthly analgesic prescription costs decreased from $354.7 to $241.10 over 3 months[5]

Grow Your Own, Save More Green

The other factor, self-supply, is quite an important factor to consider when evaluating cost-saving medications. There are very few prescriptions that you can safely make or grow on your own. Cannabis is one of them. As a medical cannabis patient, you have the right (in most states) to grow your own medicine. This substantially cuts down the cost when at somewhere like SeedSupreme you can buy medical seeds which might cost you $10 per seed or $15 per starter plant at a dispensary. And once you start growing your own, you can start harvesting your own seeds. Then the cost comes down to supplies like lights (which isn’t necessarily needed for an outside grow) and fertilizer. You can yield up to 6 ounces (170 grams) of cannabis per plant in which an average chronic pain patient could use about 2 ounces (57 grams) per month. By these calculations, someone with a high consumption of cannabis would need to grow four plants at the very least. It is without doubt that this green, beautiful plant is a saver. Available to medical patients, cannabis saves health and money.

Health and Finances: Taking them back into our own hands

Many people have been taking their health and finances back into their own hands. Doctors are not the all-knowing Gods that they have been worked up to be. Functional medicine is on the rise – a concept of solving all health problems by uncovering certain triggers and issues that are affecting health now and future health instead of just aiding symptoms with pills – which, I might add, anyone can do: look up symptom, look up medicine and apply.

Finances too are becoming an issue for the upcoming generations. It looks like the golden era really sucked up the American wealth, and now, the Gen Xers and Millennials are weighted in debt, paying high rents, shelling out cash for the gross health crisis arising out of misinformed government and food officials and providing social security tax to the longer-living, older generation that was able to retire at age 40 (which means they also stopped paying social security tax at age 40 through the generations now and to come will be paying these taxes until an average age of 70-80, when most people these days realistically plan to retire).

Taking back health and finances is empowering and is the only way in which we will dictate what we put into our bodies. The people have the power of determining what shall be legal and what is beneficial for our own bodies. Without contest, cannabis saves health and money which is why the revolution of cannabis to rise above prohibition is crucial for both our lives and our wallets.


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