Meera is arrested by Police! Saath Nibhana Saathiya 9th April 2016 Episode Written Update

The soap opera “Saath Nibhana Saathiya” yesterday night episode starts with Gaura call barber and order him to remove the hair from the Meera and Durga’s head as they are now impure widow after the death of the their husband Dharam. They are not allowed to keep hair on their head now. Vidya is unable to see so, so she rushes towards Meera to save her but Gaura shouted on her.

Meera is arrested by Police! Saath Nibhana Saathiya 9th April 2016 Episode Written Update

So now Vidya rush towards Shravan in pledge of saving Meera from getting her head bald but Shravan throw Vidya by saying because of your sister Meera my dad Dharam died and now you want me to save Meera. I won’t herlp your sister and you should follow these rituals now as you are the Bahu of the Suryavanshi family.

Vidya says this is not ritual, this is blind ritual and I will save my sister anyhow. Gopi arrived there in the scene in order to support Meera and put her hands there when the barber was about to apply the knife on the Meera’s head. So Gopi’s hands get cut and blood flow on the Meera’s head. Gaura said you did a sin by putting blood on a widow’s head.

Kokila says it is enough and asks Meera to get up from the scene. Meera says she will not. Gaura starts shouting that she cannot take Meera from here without completing the rituals. But about this now Kokila pointed out that even Gaura is a widow, but does Sringaar (make up) like a Suhagan, then how she can force her Bahus to follow the blind faith and rituals. Gradually now Durga to get up and asks Meera to get up also but Meera said that she will follow all the rituals to give peace to the Dharam’s soul.

Gaura says to the Modi family whatever logic you want to give the Modi family you can give but I will not let you go Meera from here but it is Gopi and Kokila forcefully take Meera towards the door in order to get her in the Modi family. Now the goons of the Gaura try to stop them but all goes in vain as Kokila slap the goons and said that leave our path.

Meera was in no mood to leave the Suryavanshi family but out of her grief she did not understand anything and follow blindly Gopi and Kokila. Now so finally now Kokila and Gopi walk away with the Meera towards the Modi house. Gaura looked on!!!