Meera points sword at Gaura to save Vidya! Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th March 2016 Episode Written Updates

In the yesterday night episode of the TV series “Saath Nibhana Saathiya” it has been shown that Sona expresses her sadness thinking about the Vidya and Meera and Sona also thinking about the worries of the Modi family. Pari also joins her depression by saying that she is also sad for whatever happening in the Modi house and the Suryavanshi house. Now Pari mocks Gopi by saying that they both are her daughter and if anything happen with them then it is Gopi will be suffer.

Meera points sword at Gaura to save Vidya! Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th March 2016 Episode Written Updates

Now Pari screams at the Modi house as the members of the Modi house was in no mood to appreciate her and now she asked to the Hetal to bring out the truth. Now Gopi also goes emotional and starts crying when Pari insults Kokila Modi and it is Kokila Modi is also declare that Pari is frustrated from Sharavan and Sona’s marriage. So it would be fine idea if we break Sona and Tolu’s marriage.

Sona is shocked to listen so and looks on also starts crying, Gopi looked on. Kokila also shocked to know so but this is reality and Kokila is also worry for the Meera and Vidya and they are right now in the Suryavanshi family. Kadambari also decides to snarch Vidya’s unborn kid so it is main tension of the Kokila right now rather than the Pari and Sona’s stuffs.

Now in the Auryavanshi house it is Meera tried to talk with Dharam but Dharam just ignored Meera and Vidya is shocked to see so. Vidya feels sad to see that Dharam is just ignoring her Didi Meera.

Vidya prays to the God for the protection of her child. Sharavan came in the room and tried to consult her by making his face funny but Vidya did not see happy as Vidya thinks that the Shravan is only a puppet and he is unable to do anything in the front of the Naiya’s family.

Meera comes in the room and strongly scolds Dharam for just ignoring her and Meera thinks that it is the Suryavanshi family is using her sister Vidya as an object to hides a bitter truth. Meera shouts on him to leave the house; and eventually rush towards Vidya to hugs her.

Also Meera make sure to the Vidya that nobody can snatch her baby as the baby right now is sleeping in the Vidya’s womb!!!