Mega Twist! Naagin 2 29th October 2016 Written Updates! Sesha grips shivangi tail

Mega Twist! Naagin 2 29th October 2016 Written Updates! Sesha grips shivangi tail :- The TV series Nagin Season 2 is yet to display something tragic were Shivangi’s wedding turns into a bloodbath as Yamini actually killed Shivangi’s whole family!


Stabbing Shivanya was mere a dream! The revenge accomplishes when the Mahishmatis end up sparking a bloodbath by killing every one of Shivanya’s family. In thirst of more blood, Ruchika and Yamini stab Shivanya and get hold of Shivangi with an intention to kill her. Aftermath the bloodbath, Ruchika abducts Shivanya. Where will Shivanya’s destiny take her it is yet to clears now!

The last week episode of the TV series Nagin Season 2 further shows that Yamini and Shesha arrive in the wedding of Shivangi where her mother Shivanaya is busy organizing the wedding. Somehow Shivananya has been grabbed by Yamini in the wedding venue and she dragged her here.

Shivanaya is shocked to see here the whole family of her is dead including her brother and sister-in-law as well their kids. Shivanaya’s brother before dying asked her to run away but before Shivanaya could realise anything she trapped by a long thirsty snake.

Shivanaya panic to see the snake as now she is not a Nagin anymore so she can’t compete with the large snake. Moreover, she sees that there is Avantika, Shesha, Yamini and her goons holds her to kill. Shivanaya tries to ask to Shesha that how she can kill her as both Shivanaya and Shesha spend time in their childhood days and Shesha is her sister.

But Shesha asked to Shivanaya that she never forgive her as she snatches her Rithvik from her and now when she is all set to marry Rocky in her Ruchika avatar. Now her daughter Shivangi is keen to snatch Rocky from her.

By saying so both Yamini and Shesha stabbed Shivanaya to kill her finally brutally. Afterward, Shesha just tries to abduct Shivangi and during this time Shivangi is shattered to see that her whole family is dead. She is not even realized that who the hell these people are and why they are yet to kidnapped her.

Shivangi is now broken down in tears to see the bloodbath in her wedding ceremony. Shesha just till then abducts Shivangi and Yamini is shocked to see that Shivangi is missing. She also asked Avantika that I think Shesha kidnapped Shivangi.

Shesha, on the other hand, tries to confuse Rocky who is in Sehra by taking Shivangi’s avatar and she asked to him to make him more puzzles that she is in risk and Rocky needs to save her. Rocky turn his Sehra and then Shesha is stunned to see there is someone else in the Rocky’s Sehra.

Precap: Sesha grips Shivangi in her tail. Yamini says she will save Shivangi repeatedly from Shesha as we need to have the Naag Mani back.