Meghalaya Rescue Operations: 15 trapped Meghalaya miners suspended till water level recedes

Meghalaya Rescue Operations: 15 trapped Meghalaya miners suspended till water level recedes: The reports are coming from the Meghalaya where 15 miners are trapped in a 370-foot-deep mine. You all should know that the whole city is going through a very rough time. Also, the reports are coming straight from the Shillong’s mine and the things aren’t looking positive as we expected. You all should know that the illegal coal mine activity was going on in Ksan area of Lumthari village in Meghalaya which led the miners to this accident.

Rising Water As Rescuers Hunt For Meghalaya Miners Trapped For 2 Weeks


  1. 15 miners are trapped since December 13 at a rat-hole mine in Meghalaya
  2. The illegal mine in East Jaintia Hills is filled with 70 feet of water
  3. There has been no contact with workers but families are clinging to hopes

You all should know that the authorities are saying that the efforts are going on for the rescue. However on Monday, they had to temporarily suspend the rescue operations owing to the need for more powerful pumps for the exercise. We don’t think that things are going to work out. Also, you all should know that the things aren’t going good as we expected.

Even the District Deputy Commissioner FM Dopth, said, “We have temporarily suspended pumping of water out of the mine as the exercise did not yield any positive result. The water level has not subsided.” You all should know that the local state government and the country government are trying to rescue the people from the coal mine.

We think that the Operation is underway to rescue the 13 miners who’ve been trapped in a mine at Ksan near Lyteiñ River under Saipung police station in East Jaintia Hills. Also, the CM already have indicated that the “Very difficult & complicated situation. NDRF trying to save them but it looks very difficult.” The miners were trapped in the illegal pit after water from nearby Lytein River gushed into the mine.

In deep, we can say that around 02 miners were trapped on this mine on 13th December, 2018. After reaching the bottom of the pit, they entered horizontal manholes, often termed as ‘rat-holes’, as each just about fits one person. Five persons were able to climb out of the flooded mine, leaving the others behind.