Mehgnadh Falls Down! Siya Ke Ram 11th August 2016 Written Updates

Mehgnadh Falls Down! Siya Ke Ram 11th August 2016 Written Updates :- STAR PLUS extremely popular beautiful program, Siya Ke Ram looks like an amazing pleasant program, which gives the enormous voltage drama that drives to the Siya Ke Ram supporters.

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Siya Ke Ram 11th August 2016 Written Update

The traditional TV series Siya Ke Ram always attributes to providing goose bumps to the viewers with its never finishing dilemma show and quickly the popular crux of the show is to showcase in the newest episode Ram (Ashish Sharma) tells Meghnadh used Tantrik strengths and decided to kill Laxman (Karan Suchak), immediately Laxman will kill him for assured. Laxman tells once Meghnadh comes in the face of me, his death is fixed. Meghnadh moves away and a horse jumps over him.

Actually, Vaidraj tells Ram, and Laxman’s body has really less time now, whenever Sanjeevani flower is not detected in time, then a fall is surely going to occur. Ram screams.

Where In the last episode, Vaid ji tells Laxman’s time can come back in his body through that herb. Ram says Hanuman that now he can save Laxman’s life soon. Hanuman tears off. A huge snake says Hanuman that he will kill these Sanyasis.

In the upcoming episodes, Ram says Meghnadh utilized Tantrik powers and attempted to slaughter Laxman, now Laxman will murder him without a doubt.

Laxman says once Meghnadh comes before me, his passing is unequivocal. Meghnadh flees and a steed bounced over him. Meghnadh tumbles down.

Hanuman says Munivar, you look a major Gyaani, how could you have been able to you know my name when I didn’t meet you some time recently.

The loner says I comprehend what’s going on where and when, Ram is miserable for his sibling Laxman, you are going to Himalaya to get the plant.

Hanuman says you know everything staying here. The loner asks by what means would I be able to help you. Hanuman says I lost the course, let me know the right bearing to go to Himalaya. Loner says beyond any doubt.

Himalaya is in North, you ought to go along these lines, you will see Himalaya. Hanuman welcomes him. The Loner favors him and transforms into a snake.

He gets Hanuman and snickers. Hanuman gets stunned. Vaidraj says Ram, Laxman’s body has less life now, if Sanjeevani plant is not found in time, then a calamity is certainly going to happen. Ram cries.