Men who allegedly raped 11-year-old girl in Chennai thrashed in court

Men who allegedly raped 11-year-old girl in Chennai thrashed in court: In Chennai, Some of the 17 men accused of raping a deaf girl for the several months, were beaten up by a group of lawyers and advocate when they were produced before a magistrate in a women’s court.

This is the result of the public anger and shock at the sexual assault of that minor child by these men and public is now unable to accept this kind of rape with children and kids.

In the viral video, this has been shown that the culprit men are getting beaten by some men in white shirts and black trousers who also dragging a man from a staircase, beating him with fists and kicking him on his stomach, at the same time, the cop personally struggled to protect the accused.

Mohana Krishnan, The Chennai High Court Advocate Association President, said that no advocate will take up the case of any of the accused rapist.

On Tuesday, the Chennai cop arrested the men, including 300-flat building’s security guards, plumber, and lift operator, after a complaint made by the victim’s father on Sunday. All of them were produced before the court which remanded them to judicial custody till 31st July.

“The girl has said that she was molested by 11 people and has identified 17 persons (including accomplices of the alleged perpetrators of the crime),” a senior police official said to PTI.

The official stated that the victim has already identified all the accused. At least four of them have confessed to the assault and two others said they had molested the victim, the official added.

The Police said the girl was first sexually assaulted by a 66-year-old lift operator post she returned from school and was cycling around the complex and eventually several other people joined in the assault reportedly.

He allegedly invited other men who filmed each other raping the victim. As the ordeal progressed she was sedated with injections and drug-laced soft drinks, the report added further.

As per the various reports, the accused took the girl to different places in the complex, which include the basement, terrace, gym and public restrooms to rape her.

The incident came to focus and limelight after the girl told her family who then lodged a police complaint. She is now undergoing medical attention.

The Police said further investigations were on and that closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera footage would be analyzed.

“We are taking it as a special case and working on it,” the officer said.