Mena Mangal: Former Journalist and advisor to Afghan Parliament shot dead in Kabul

Mena Mangal: Former Journalist and advisor to Afghan Parliament shot dead in Kabul: A former journalist was shot and killed in Kabul on Saturday, who used to work for the Afghan parliament, as per to an official statement, in the latest brazen attack to shock Afghanistan’s capital.

According to the Afghan official says that anonymous gunmen have shot and killed a female journalist and adviser to the country’s parliament in the capital Kabul.

The former journalist was recognised as Mena Mangal and she was well known in Kabul circles for her work giving shows on numerous television networks, before she left journalism to turn out to be a cultural advisor to parliament.

Nasrat Rahimi, who is a spokesman for the interior ministry, says that Mena Mangal who was a cultural advisor for the Lower House of the Parliament as well as a former TV presenter, was killed when she was on her way to work on Saturday morning. Mangal was gunned down in eastern Kabul in broad daytime.

The investigation is under way now but the further details regarding the investigation are not yet provided.

Rahimi also said that one or perhaps more attackers get away from the scene. Kabul police soon after the incident have launched an investigation.

No one straightaway claimed the responsibility for Mangal’s death, and it was not instantly known why she had been under attack. Kabul police said that at thi point it is still not clear whether the murder was a terror act or else it was the result of any personal dispute.

Crime in Kabul has turn out to be gradually worse in latest years, adding to the lot of stresses for inhabitants in a city where terrorist attacks are a common incidence.

Prominent Afghan human rights lawyer and women’s rights campaigner Wazhma Frogh also said about Mangal after her death that she had lately written on social media that she felt her life was in danger.

“Can’t stop my tears at the loss of this beautiful soul. She had a loud voice, and actively raised [that] voice for her people,” Frogh said.

Wazhma Frogh also said, “This woman had already shared that her life was in danger; why did nothing happen? We need answers,” she further said, “Why is it so easy in this society [for men] to keep killing women they disagree with?”

The dilemma of women in Afghanistan has been dragged into attention in current months, as many in the war-torn nation anxiety that hard-won rights for women is going to be lost if the US makes a peacetime deal with the Taliban.

In spite of advances since the Taliban’s ouster in the year 2001, women in Afghanistan are still often marginalized.

Afghanistan is also considered to be the world’s deadliest place for journalists, who face a lot of threats covering the conflict and who have from time to time been targeted for doing their job.

Mangal made her name as a TV presenter on the Pashto-language channel Tolo TV, which is the nation’s largest private broadcaster, after that she has also worked for one of its key competitors, Shamshad TV.

Talking about her off-screen role, she was a passionate advocate of women’s rights for their education as well as work, and she had lately turned into a cultural adviser to the lower chamber of Afghanistan’s national parliament.