Mercedes-Benz seeks lift on Supreme Court’s ban on diesel cars

Mercedes-Benz seeks lift on Supreme Court’s ban on diesel cars : An International automobile manufacturer and a division of the German company, Mercedes-Benz has left the Supreme Court demanding the ban on diesel vehicles to be raised, While In an effort to prepare the ban on registration of cars with engines larger than 2000cc raised, and The Automobile giant Mercedes told that it would give the location tax whenever the court raised the ban on registrations needed by the National Green Tribunal (NGT).

Mercedes-Benz seeks lift on Supreme Court's ban on diesel cars

According to the source reports, Where on Friday, The Supreme Court conference will take place and The top court had banned the use of diesel vehicles having a fuel range of over 2000cc in Delhi NCR in an try to stop air pollution.

The Supreme court wasn’t affected by the government’s appeal to it to ease the ban, and its commitment to implement an action project to deal with the pollution.

 National Green Tribunal (NGT) chief says, Register new vehicles only after demolishing old ones :

The consultation further told that Mercedes-Benz was trying to build it’s bonafide and was sent to stopping air pollution in the nation. He told that the automaker had guaranteed that its cars met the Fixed discharge standards in the nation. While, The Mercedes had announced that it would launch petrol variant of all its models marketed in India. This movement was triggered by the ban on enrollment of over 2,000cc Mercedes-Benz diesel cars in Delhi.

Here’s why the diesel ban and scrappage plan may be great for the auto manufacturing :

Mercedes’ statement came on the interests of the launch of the Mercedes AMG 43 which has been rated at Rs 77.5 lakh and Mercedes told that it stopped hopefully that an answer to the diesel ban imbroglio would be exposed soon in market for the automaker in India.