Nimmi gets Shocked! Mere Angne Mein 10th August 2016 Episode Written Update

Nimmi gets Shocked! Mere Angne Mein 10th August 2016 Episode Written Update : The Episode starts with Nimmi crying. Shanti asked her why is she sitting in darkness? Nimmi replies I m not getting sleep. Shanti asked her to come with her. Sarla thinks what to do, if I stop the party then, I will lose the house and will go out of this house and Nirmala has to give me her house, so I have to do something. She worries for Ashok and Nirmala She thinks I will risk Raghav’s job, Shanti will focus on it and I will get the house and get money from Shanti and also, I will get the place in Shanti Sadan too. She smiles.


Mere Angne Mein 10th August 2016 Written Update

Riya cries seeing Bua Dadi’s pic. Shivam asked her to have some food. She refuses, but requests her. She moves his hand away and Shivam gets hurt. She apologizes to him and he says I m fine, what had to happen has happened and now, we can’t do anything in this matter. She told him I don’t want to have food. He says I know but you can get unwell, Papa asked me to take care of your health and he makes her have food.

Shanti asked Kaushalya that she has a solution for Nimmi’s problem, to get her abortion done. Kaushalya shocked and told her that this is wrong. But, Shanti says it’s my right to think what’s wrong, I have decided we won’t want this happy.

Shanti asked how will Nimmi manage her baby as she is a widow? Kaushalya replies her baby is ours. Shanti asked her husband is dead, she is a widow and we are bearing her expenses but we can’t take care of her baby’s expenses as when a girl gets married she has no right on Maayka and she becomes a burden on Maayka. Kaushalya asked her to think again. Shanti replied I thought well and I don’t want Nimmi’s baby. Kaushalya cries.

Kaushalya asked for the Lord’s justice and says we were doing so much to get baby in the house but when Nimmi is getting the baby, we are not accepting it. Shanti asked I want Shivam’s child to take family’s heir as Nimmi’s child will hang on our head as the burden. Kaushalya tells her that I will raise him. Shanti says even I can also raise him but when we die then, who will take care of Nimmi and her child as Shivam and Riya will get their own children, Nimmi, and her husband will become a burden and no one will look after them.

Shanti asked if you can’t give anything to Sarla, Riya is modern and everything will change, I don’t want Nimmi’s baby, explain her. Kaushalya says fine, what if Nimmi does not agree then? Shanti replied like I know to love, I also know to convince her but I will not let this baby come.

Sarla and Amit get a disguise and reach police station to do drama. She asked I m doing this so that Shanti always gives us money. She collides with Raghav and his papers fall. Amit and Sarla see him and turn to another side. Raghav asks are they running?. Sarla lies in changed voice and takes Amit along.

The man informs Raghav that people are giving govt quarters on rent. Raghav told him that I m not worried as I did not do such work. Preeti asked her to work. Shanti tells Nimmi is pregnant, not ill. Shanti asked Kaushalya did she do the work? Kaushalya replies no. Shanti asked her to talk to Nimmi soon. Preeti tries to hear and thinks its good Dadi is making Nimmi work.

Riya wakes up and called Shivam. She finds his phone in the room and Shivam comes and she hugs him. She told him that I got afraid, where did you go? He asked can I go somewhere leaving you, why did you get scared? I thought you will have a headache, so I got this medicine for you. She thanked him for taking care of her.

Sarla hides her face in ghunghat and Amit talks in changed voice. The man tell Raghav is an honest officer and if your complaint is wrong then, we will take action against you. Carla says we are saying the truth, some other family is staying in Raghav’s quarter, call him and ask, go and check at the house, I did my duty, you do your work.

Sarla says we will leave now. Amit and Sarla leave. They see Raghav and turn to another side. Raghav sees them and says they are roaming since morning. Sarla leaves her purse and Raghav gets the purse/bag. Constable calls the inspector to inform about the unclaimed bag.

Riya informs Shivam that she wants to stay for some more days. Shanti called Shivam and asked him to get Riya home if Riya wants to stay and tell her you will take her for a visit later. Shivam inform all this to Riya and leaves.


In the upcoming episode, Shanti tells Nimmi that they can bear her burden, but not her baby, we don’t want this baby. Nimmi gets shocked and cries.