Everyone gets Shocked! Mere Angne Mein 12th September 2016 Written Updates

Everyone gets Shocked! Mere Angne Mein 12th September 2016 Written Updates :- Kaushalya is happy that everything was well at her friend’s daughter’s engagement. Namita teases her and all of them are happy except Preeti. Namita saw Nandu with boxes and asks what he is doing here? Preeti insults him and Kaushalya scolds her for doing so. Sarla starts spying at Kaushalya’s room and collects some stuff to take with her. Ashok enters and scolds her for robbing those things. She scolds him instead as he interferes in her matter and asks him to go back and sit down.


A postman comes and delivers a letter to Sarla. Sarla opens the letter and reads some digits she thinks this must be Shivam’s govt. job appointment letter and hides it. Namita catches her making some weird faces and makes fun of her.

Nirmala tries to control over Rani but failed and Rani warns her not to repeat it again. She behaves rudely, later she apologises for being rude. Riya tries to call Shivam but failed to contact him as she wants to share what happened today.

Preeti and Pari share the sisterhood moments and plan as to get rid of Nandu. Pari suggest her to have divorce from Nandu. He listens to her covertly and asks whom she is talking. She misbehaves and asks him to go. Meanwhile, he bumps into Namita and Pari asks Preeti to prove her characterless as this will be dual action she will get an excuse to ditch Nandu as well as she can take revenge from Namita.

Sarla is about to get caught by all but manages to save herself. Nirmala calls Ashok and asks him to come back soon.


Riya reads the letter and tell Kaushlya if they don’t pay half of the tax amount then their house will be auctioned soon.