Epic Twist Today! Mere Angne Mein 13th September 2016 Written Updates Episode

Epic Twist Today! Mere Angne Mein 13th September 2016 Written Updates Episode :- The last episode of the TV series Mere Angne Mein begins with Riya receives an opportunity to plan a birthday party. Much before that Nimmi asked Riya that she can have an opportunity to design Lehenga as her design and the design branded Lehenga is having no much difference.


Riya asked to her that this is so as some people are obsessed with the brand so they buy branded dress only for the sake of self-satisfaction. On the other hand, Nirmala wants to go close with Ashok but all goes in vain. Nirmala also has some arguments’ with Pari.

Now the Shanti Sadan people receive a notice on which it is clear that the Shanti Sadan house is all set to go in selling procedure. Kaushalya is broken down to know and she cries then. Kaushalya asked this to Sarla and Sarla asked her to hold the leg of the person to save the house.

Kaushalya did so which doesn’t like by Riya and Shivam and they consider that Riya and Shivam will now save the house. Rani takes control over Pari’s room to keep it for Amit and herself. The following day, the Shrivastava get the notice in which it is mentioned that the Shanti Sadan house will be auctioned if the tax isn’t paid soon. What will they do now?

Riya and Shivam are now having an opportunity to save the house and in this process, they get to know that the postman handover the notice in a hands of a lady in the Shanti Sadan.

Riya and Shivam now wonder that who can be the lady of the Shanti Sadan who receives the notice but still she did not narrates the same to the family. Amit on the other hand announced to Rani that Pari should get her room back.
He also asked to her that he is in no mood to accept Rani as his wife but Rani asked to Amit that she will be having her husband today or tomorrow ultimately.