Shivam apologizes to the man! Mere Angne Mein 15th September 2016 Written Updates

Shivam apologizes to the man! Mere Angne Mein 15th September 2016 Written Updates :- The last night episode of the TV series Mere Angne Mein begins with Shivam and Riya try their best to stop the auction of the Shanti Sadan. Shivam and Riya decide to stop the auction of the house anyhow and for that, the duo also decided to collect money. At Kaushalya’s insistence, Riya agrees to pawn her jewelry.


As in order to build up the broken wall of the house, the Shrivastav family need huge money and so Kaushalya thinks to use her earring for the same. Somehow in the absence of the workers, the family members decided to build up the wall by themselves.

On the other hand, when a stranger steals money from Shivam and Sarla, as they were in the income tax office to pay the money. Due to the money get stolen Sarla started crying and Shivam also asked to the income tax officer that they bring the money but it has been stolen.

The income tax officer unable to believe so because of that Sarla Bua cries on them which make the income tax officer annoying. He also asked Sarla Bua and Shivam to go from here as this is governmental office.

When in the house Kaushalya asked Preeti to help in order to prepare the wall, Preeti humiliated her husband Nandu. When Riya, Nimmi and Nandu all were busy working, Kaushalya bring tea for everybody. Sarla and Shivam arrive and Shivam is worried now how he can save the house.

Kasuhalya asked to Shivam is he pay the money to the income tax officer and Sarla asked to them that their money has been stolen. Sarla said due to Shivam was mute regarding this issue.

Riya is working hard to arrange the money along with Shivam as their money has been stolen and now they need to pay the same to the income tax officer to save the house from getting auctioned.

But now it’s too late as the income tax officer arrived in the Shanti Sadan to steal the house, the family speak about motive and all that but the income tax officer is in no mood to hear anything.

Precap: The income tax officer seals the house, Kaushalya pledge to them that they should not seal the Amma Ji’s room. Kaushalya is worried what reply she will be giving to Amma Ji when she will be the comeback.