Rani Gets Angry! Mere Angne Mein 19th September 2016 Written Updates Episode

Rani Gets Angry! Mere Angne Mein 19th September 2016 Written Updates Episode :- The show starts with Riya telling Shanti about her event company and her order. Shanti asked her to give the money to her. Riya agrees. Shanti scolds Sarla for not trying. Sarla says I tried and said asked Shanti to leave. Shanti says ok but tries to arrange some money. Sarla goes to her house.


Preeti and Pari came there. Pari gives massage to Sarla. Rani came there and told Sarla that Nirmala had kept a fast for Ashok and both of them gone. Sarla gets shocked and says to the temple. Sarla gets angry, and Rani informed them that she was lying. Preeti told Sarla that she knew that Ashok got remarried, and she has not informed about this to another family member.

Preeti said Sarla that I understand your condition as I have the same condition as you. On the other side, Riya was spreading the news about her event company, and she received a call from Pinky.

Pinky informed Riya that her in-laws liked her arrangement, and they want her to organize a birthday party. Riya told her that she need advance payment for this. Riya gets glad. Kaushalya told Riya that I told you if you do the good work then everything good will happen to you.

Riya told Kaushalya that we would inform Shanti about this when we will get the payment. Sarla gets glad knowing that Preeti did not inform anyone about Ashok’s remarriage. Preeti says my condition is same as you. Preeti says I should leave. Otherwise, Dadi will scold me.

Shanti came home and informed Kaushalya that I had arranged 1.5 lakh rupees. Kaushalya asked is Raghav got his job back? Shanti says he will soon return to the job and will try to arrange two lakh rupees. The phone rang, and Shanti picks up the call, and a guy says am I talking to Sashikala house event company? Shanti says I this is the wrong number and disconnects the call. Shanti told Kaushalya I had received four calls today for Sahikala.

Riya and Nimmi came back home and gave Rs. 25,000 to Shanti and informed her that we opened an event company and this an advance and will get Rs. 1 lakh after the event. Shanti asked Riya, the name of event company? Riya says Shashikala. Shanti asked I don’t like this name so, change it into Shanti Devi event company.

Shanti informed Riya that I received a lot of call for Shashi Kala event company. Riya called them back and told Shanti that we got 200 people order. Nimmi says Dadi made herself CEO. Shanti held Nimmi’s year and asked what you said? Nimmi says nothing.

Rani opens the door and found a gift box. Rani opens the box and found Amit and Bablu’s picture. Rani started crying and Sarla along with Amit came there. Amit says this is morphed picture and Bablu is not my son.

Amit goes, and Rani thanks Sarla for believing her. Sarla says I am not worried about you; I am afraid that how I will manage your sautan. Sarla goes, and Rani thinks I will never let my Amit became another women’s husband.


In the upcoming episode, Shanti talks to Tax officer and will ask for one month time. Tax officer says no! now the auction will start of your house by tomorrow.