Shanti Sadan gets Locked! Mere Angne Mein 1st September 2016 Written Updates

Shanti Sadan gets Locked! Mere Angne Mein 1st September 2016 Written Updates :- The show starts with Sarla asking Nirmala to leave the house and she packed her bag. Then, she throws her bag from the balcony. Nirmala denies and told Sarla she will not leave the house as it is her bag.


Ashok stopped her and told her that she won’t leave the house as you asked me to marry her. Sarla says no paperwork can separate me from my husband.

Ashok called her greedy and asked her to not throw Nirmala out of the house. Sarla when checks the door, Nirmala was gone. On the other side, Shanti was upset and a postman comes.

He brought a legal paper which contains that Shanti and her family has not pay Rs. 50,000 for the house tax. Shanti says she will pay and asked postman to go.

On the other side, Sarla was happy as Nirmala was gone. She asked Amit to keep Rs 7 lakh in a safe place. Ashok hears them and asked Sarla to not cheat with the Nirmala. Sarla told Ashok to keep quiet and she offered him to open a hotel for him.

Meanwhile, Nirmala comes with the police. Inspector told Sarla that Nirmala has filed a complaint regarding you. Sarla lies. Nirmala asked Ashok and Pari, to tell the truth. Pari and Ashok told inspector truth that Ashok got married to Nirmala and Sarla gave him a divorce.

Sarla cries and asked Nirmala to forgive her. Rani supported Sarla and asked the inspector to stop him from taking her to the police station. Later, Nirmala saved Carla from going to police station and told her that she has all this just to show Sarla her position in this house.

Next morning, Shanti told Shivam to pay the house tax by taking the loan from his boss. Shivan says he will talk to his boss. Meanwhile, Preeti was on fast due to Teej. Nandu gets happy and thinks Preeti finally realise. Preeti says she will fast for Lucky, not for Nandu.

On the other side, Riya and Shivam get shocked, when Shanti told them that she will talk to Shivam,’s boss regarding a loan. Shivam says he will talk to him on her own. Meanwhile, Riya thinks fast for Shivam, so he will get his job back. Nimmi gone sad.


In the upcoming episode, Shanti Sadan gets locked. Shanti asked men to listen to them but he leaves. They all get homeless.