Shanti gets angry! Mere Angne Mein 21st August 2016 Episode Written Updates

Shanti gets angry! Mere Angne Mein 21st August 2016 Episode Written Updates :- The show starts with Riya asking Inspector to spare Shivam. Inspector scolded Shivam and asked Shivam to control his anger. Then, they leave. On the other side, Ashok reached home and was shocked  to see decoration. He asked Amit that did he does all this? Rani and Amit wished him congratulation and leaves.


Mere Angne Mein Episode Written Updates

Then, Ashok asked Nirmala did he did this? She replied yes. He asked her to get shamed as this is not the age to do all this and what Nirmala will say after seeing all this. He burst the balloon, but she says I have given money so, you have to love me.

Sarla and Pari see Rani and Amit leaving. They both get shocked and lied to Sarla. Sarla asked them to not lie. then, Rani told them that Nirmala is with Ashok. Then, Sarla gets shocked seeing Ashok and Nirmala together.

On the other side, Kaushalya told Shanti that she respect her like her mother. Shanta replied her to not lie and blamed her that she told Riya to not have a baby now, and this will insult me.

Shivam and Riya came there and asked for Nimmi. Shanti says he is resting. Shivam told them that they have done a wrong thing by aborting Nimmi’s child. Shanti told him to not give any advice as he did not do what he promised to do. Shivam and Riya leave.s

Meanwhile, Sarla cries and asked Shok why he is doing this? Ashok says this all has been planned by kids and Nirmala. Sarla scolds Nirmala and asked her to leave the house. But, Nirmala thinks she has to get papers, so she made a story and asked Nirmala to spare him.

Nirmala told him that all this is Amitr’s plan and hen asked me to so. Sarla says all the people in this house has to live under my condition. And I will knock out those who will not obey my rules.

Shivam and Riya were upset. Riya hugs her and consoles her by saying nothing is in our hands. Shivam cries and Riya cries too. On the other side, Amit told Sarla to allow him to enter the house. Rani takes Sarla’s side and Nirmala asked her too to leave the house. Prabha comes and asked Nirmala why you are scolding Bahu. She scolds them too. Amit asked Prabha to go and sleep.

In the next morning, Shivam was talking on a call. Riya says I love you. Shivam says I love you too. Riya asked about Shivam’s job. Shivam says I will not do a government job. I am getting the salary in the private job, so what problem Shanti has.

Then, Shivam was helping Nimmi and he hugs her and told her that he feels really sorry as he can not save her child. Nimmi asked him to not feel guilty as Doctor told me that baby was not in good condition, so it was all in my fate. She cries.


In the upcoming episode, Shanti will ask Shivam to sign on government job papers. Shivan denies and Shanti will get angry.