Ashok & sarla get shocked! Mere Angne Mein 29th August 2016 Written Updates

Ashok & sarla get shocked! Mere Angne Mein 29th August 2016 Written Updates :- The show starts with Pari and Preeti lying to Kaushalya about Pari’s word. Kaushalya told Preeti that she must consider herself lucky as she is not Pari’s Devraani. On the other side, Shivam was sleeping and he dreams that the electricity of house has been cut and wakes up saying that I will pay the bill. Riya asked her what happened? He says nothing.


Mere Angne Mein 29th August 2016 Written Updates

Nimmi thinks whom to inform about Nirmala Bua. I will not give them tension and tomorrow is my birthday too. Next Morning, Nimmi wake sup and she think it’s my birthday today. She went to Kaushalya and tried to remember her about her birthday. Kaushalya acted and showed Nimmi that she forget about her birthday, but in reality, she was making ladoo for Nimmi.

Meanwhile, Sarla asked Ashok to wear the white clothes as Nirmala can die anytime. Ashok says who told you about this. Sarla says Doctor has given their answer and told me that Nirmala can die anytime.

On the other side, Shanti called Nimmi and asked her to do something. Nimmi thinks Shanti will wish her, but she sent her for some work. Nimmi went to Shivam and he wished her and gave him some money. Nimmi says this money so low and even a small party cannot be organised from it. Riya listens to this and she thought she will arrange some money and this will make them happy.

Meanwhile, Rani gives juice to Nirmala and asked her that this juice could prove to the last juice of her life. Then, a man called Rani and she asked him to not call as someone is going to die her.

Shanti asked Kaushalya why she offered the team to those people. Kaushalya says Riya gave them. Shanti asked Kaushlaya to control her bahu. Shanti asked Kaushalya to not waste money in making ladoo for Nimmi. Kaushlya gets sad, but later Shanti asked her to made Kheer for her as she likes kheer.

Rani reads Geeta for Nirmala. Sarla comes there and says this will last time for Nirmala. But, Nirmala told them that I am not dying as I saw a dream and Yamraj told me that I am not dying right now. Even, my astrologer told me that my age is extended. Sarla got shocked.

On the other side, some boy was playing Cricket. Shivam went there and told them that he lost his job, so they will allow him to play with them. Shivam plays with them really well. Boys say it good that your boss fired you as now you can play cricket with us. Riya listens to all this and thin Shivam did not tell me that he lost his job.


In the upcoming episode, Nirmala will tell Sarla that she will explain her. She says I am just Ashok’s wife because you signed on divorce paper. Ashok and Sarla will get shocked.