Kaushalya Challenges Riya! Mere Angne Mein 3rd September 2016 Written Updates

Kaushalya Challenges Riya! Mere Angne Mein 3rd September 2016 Written Updates :- The show starts with Shanti talking to Kaushalya and Riya about Teej fast. Shivam talks on the phone and his friend told him to play a match and if he will win the match he will be awarded the prize money of Rs. 40,000-50,000. Shivam says I will inform you later.


Kaushalyaa asked Nimmi to make the idol of Shankar Ji. Nimmi tells Kaushlaya about the tension of Shanti. Kaushlaya asked her to do work. Shanti hears one man who was saying people take the loan and they do nor repay. Shanti think she will realise Shivam about his responsibilities. Shivam get friend call and Shanti says our home is going to get seal and he is thinking about play.

On the other side, Rani asked Sarla what to make today. Rani says to cook for Amit and Ashok. Nirmala came there and asked Rani to cook for Sarla also as she is a guest and she does not have the husband.

Sarla says I will fast for my husband. Pari says I will not fast. Ashok thinks now, Sarla realises her mistake. Meanwhile, Shanti calls Raghav and asked him to come with her as they will leave to meet the lawyer.

Kaushalya came to know that Preeti is not at home and she thinks Preeti will suffer same like Sarla. Rani calls Kaushlaya and asked her to come. Kaushalya asked Nimmi to go and get ready.

Meanwhile, Shivam was playing Cricket and Riya called her and told her that she will be with him in every decision. Shivam’s friend told him that today we will practise for next match. Shivam thinks he is also on fast and he will have to go home early.

Riya apologises to Kaushalya for her mistake and asked her to forgive her. Kaushalya says I am hurt. Riya says I love you Maa. On the other side, Sarla, Ashok and Pari was getting ready and was about to go out. Nirmala came there and asked Ashok to stop. Ashok says I will go with Sarla and I love her. Sarla asked Ashok to not go into a flow.

Nirmala broke a bottle and put it on Sarla’s neck and told her that she will kill her and will inform other that Sarla sold her husband and in guilty she died. Sarla says fair, leave me and now, it will on Ashok with whom he wants to do puja?

Nirmala says I will do puja with Ashok and I will see who will stop me. Pretti calls Lucky and asked when he will come? Lucky (Nandu) says I will meet you tonight outside your house. Lucky thinks Today you will do puja with Nandu and not with Lucky.

Meanwhile, Shanti and Raghav was going for Ganga Asnan. They saw Shivam playing Cricket and they stopped their Rikshaw. Shanti says I brought Raghav here to tell him to see what Shivam is doing? Raghav get shocked seeing Shivam playing Cricket.


In the upcoming episode, Raghav says I have to start some questions to Shivam before starting puja. He asks Shivam from where is he coming. Shivam says office. Raghav slaps Shivam and says he lost job and does not say truth.