Shivam Gets Shocked! Mere Angne Mein 4th August 2016 Episode Written Updates

Shivam Gets Shocked! Mere Angne Mein 4th August 2016 Episode Written Updates :- The show starts with Nimmi telling Riya that Shanti is coming, and asked her to clean everything before she sees them. Riya does the same and cleans the kitchen and rushes to change her clothes. Shanti comes back and calls out Nimmi.


Mere Angne Mein Episode Written Updates

Kaushalya cries and asked ladies did she jokes or taunt them?If not, then why did they joke on her? She says she will not see Raghav’s face if Shivam did not get a child in one year. The lady asks Kaushalya to forgive them and forget this.

Shanti knocks the door asked what was Nimmi doing? Nimmi replied that I did not hear you. Then, Shanti went on. Meanwhile, Sarla keeps a necklace and Nirmala asks her to give her mu dikhai.

Sarla explained to her that she wants a gift from her as she helped her marrying Ashok. She asks for 5 lakhs. Nirmala replied that I gave you money before this. Sarla replied that it was the first installment

Sarla asked Nirmala to get her medical report and told her that she has only 1 month and she just enjoy this month.

Shanti checks the kitchen and asked Riya did she do anything in it as she sees the lentils paste and asked Riya to mix oil in it. Rani tells Nirmala that Sarla is not giving me anything. Nirmala asked her to help, and get movie tickets.

On the other side, Shanti asked Ria to make Wada for her child soon and told her to net let wada burned. Nandu gave sweets to Ramesh. Ramesh asked him why he is happy and smelling bad.

Nandu says today Preeti hugged me when she meets me as a Lucky. Ashok calls Ria and told her that Sarla looks happy, she did not get affected, but Ria replied that how can this happen, there is no woman in the world who does not get jealous seeing a husband with another woman, I will send movie tickets, then we will see how Sarla does not care.

Meanwhile, Riya calls Shivam and asked her to book movie ticket for Ashok and Nirmala. But, Shivam gets annoyed and disconnected the call.
Kaushlaya came home and cries, Shanti asked what happened? Kaushalya says that Bhajanmadli cracked jokes on me and I promised them that Riya and Shivam will make me Dadi in 1 year, otherwise I will not see Raghav’s face. Shanti told her that she will help her in making her promise fulfill.

Shivam came home and asked Kaushalya and Shanti what happened? They asked him to make a promise that he and Ria will make them grandmother in 1 year. Shivan promised them that he will make them both grandmother in one year.


In the upcoming episode, Shivam will ask Riya does she want a baby? She says I just joked about the football team, I m not ready for baby now. He gets shocked.