Messaging app for all your messengers

How many instant messengers do you use every day, just honestly? Almost every advanced Internet user has at least five applications for chat: old-good Skype, the ubiquitous Facebook Messenger, and Telegram, Viber, someone has Google Hangouts or WhatsApp. Each of them has its own audience of senders that constantly requires attention. And the recipient at these rushes between applications, trying not to miss

Multi-messengers are programs in which several messengers and different applications for social networks are collected. Such programs allow you to make chatting work much easier — using them, you will not be confused with numerous shortcuts and bookmarks, all messengers will be available in one place.

There are several programs that will help you combine your favorite social media into one very convenient and highly functional application.


It is a free application that combines all your messengers in one window. While he supports Slack, HipChat, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, WhatsApp, Google Hangouts, Skype and Grape, however, for most users this is enough. While Franz is available only for Mac users, but developers promise to soon make a Windows version.

The application works as a browser — it simply opens web versions of services in different tabs. Accordingly, the login in each of them occurs in the same way as on the web versions of these services. The number of accounts is unlimited. And then everything is simple — switch between tabs to open the desired chat. Notifications of new messages also come similarly to how it works in separate services. And everything looks absolutely the same.

Conclusion: Convenient and easy to use multi-messenger and notifications here are just like in original apps of texting.


This application is similar in functionality to the previous one, but it has several features and chips.

After you turn it on, you will see a list of accounts that you can log into. The list is quite impressive, and unlike QIP Mobile, Facebook chat and work. For a list of available accounts, see the screenshot below. The program has 3 tabs: contacts, chats and accounts. The Accounts tab is opened just after you start to use it. Here you can add the accounts you need or edit existing ones. By default, the list of already added accounts is displayed. And this has the list of all your contacts. To the right of each of them is the icon of the account to which it belongs. By default, all contacts are shown, but you can enable the display of only those who are online. Here you can change your network status and signature. Chats here formed in a list of all open chats. Tap can open the required one. Through the menu, you can mark all chats read or close them. If you are already in the chat window, you can easily switch to the next / previous window with gestures left / right. Pressing the “Menu” button opens additional options for texting; you can share a photo, picture, music or recording from the recorder. Information about the contact, his message history and the possibility of inviting him to the conference are also available here.

Conclusion: IM+ messenger has a wide, pleasant interface. And it is really convenient to use because of this 3 tab-menu: contacts, chats and accounts.

All-in-One Messenger

There are 27 instant messengers in one application. All-in-One Messenger allows the user to access their accounts in WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Telegram and other messengers via a single application. A free client is available for Chrome users. In the application you can add contacts of all friends and correspond with them from a single window. Be prepared for the extension icon not appearing in the browser. But you can set a shortcut on the desktop, in the Start menu or on the taskbar.

Conclusion: app is comfortable and easy to use. All chats are presented as tabs, between which you can quickly switch. The only weakness is that it does not appear in the browser.