Mia Khalifa gets trolled on Twitter; after possing as Virgin Mary!

Mia Khalifa is a popular adult movie star or you can say porn star. She is already very famous and the other name of controversies. Everybody knows her and she is very popular among people. Well, in past recent days she is getting trolled on Twitter and reason is very serious. As you all know that Mia loves to grab the attention and making headlines. Overall, now she is back in news again after posting a controversial picture on her Twitter account.

She is back into the news by tweeting a picture of her as Virgin Mary which made twitteratin looks at her and started trolling her. Yes! She posted herself as Virgin Mary and that made some people very furious and they started trolling her. Reports are coming that people didn’t like her picture and they shared it on the social networking site.

Mia’s tweet triggered a controversy. An adult star comparing herself to Mother Mary made Tweeple so furious that they lost it on Twitter and started trolling and slamming Mia. Many were offended calling her a ‘disgrace’ and saying ‘I hope you rot in hell’. Last week she was in the news as the 24-year-old was joking about how some people mistook a photo of Pakistani activist Malala Yousafzai for her last week.

Overall, this is all are going overhead now because people are looking quite furious about this pictures. Sources are saying that these pictures will going to make everyone feeling angry for sure. If you didn’t notice the pictures then you can watch it on here above mention. This is really going over everyone’s head.