Formula One Champion Michael Schumacher in Paris For Cell Therapy

Formula One Champion Michael Schumacher in Paris For Cell Therapy :- Michael Schumacher, who is seven-time Formula One world champion, is in Paris’ Georges-Pompidou hospital for cell therapy surgery, as per to French daily Le Parisien.

Michael Schumacher in Paris For Cell Therapy

Right now, the Paris hospitals department, which has been contacted by AFP, have refused to confirm or deny any of the news citing medical privacy laws.

But as per to Le Parisien, the 50-year-old German is in the cardiovascular department supervised by surgeon Philippe Menasche, described as a ‘pioneer in cell surgery against heart failure’.

Schumacher is going to receive stem cells in order to attain an anti-inflammatory effect all over his system, Le Parisien suggests.

Le Parisien said, “The treatment will begin on Tuesday morning and (he will) leave the establishment on Wednesday,”

This, on other hand also claims the former Ferrari star has already been treated there two times this spring.

In December 2013, the athlete was struck down by a skiing accident that cracked his helmet as well as little info on his state has been made public since then.

For about six months, he was placed in a medically-induced coma and after the fall and he was moved from Grenoble hospital to Lausanne before being coming back home in September 2014 where he gets private treatment. Some of his old friends have been suggested that he is not able to walk or communicate properly.

Talking about Schumacher achievements, he won his first world title 25 years ago and had won his first Grand Prix back in the year 1992. His magnificence years were spent at Benetton as well as Ferrari, for whom he won the last of his 91 Grand Prix victories in China in the year 2006.

After giving so much of amazing performances, he finally got retired in the year 2010 for a three-year stint with Mercedes.

There are many people and his fans who admire the determined German and his name was also recited last weekend at the Monza circuit for Ferrari’s most successful Formula One driver Schumacher, along with his son Mick, who is also a part of the Ferrari Driver Academy, at the present date.