Microsoft launched their Selfie app for Android users

Microsoft launched their Selfie app for Android users : – It’s almost been a year since Microsoft has launched its Selfie app on the iOS platform to improve the image quality of the taken from a smartphone’s front camera. With the plan worked out for the makers of the application and it became the household app for the numbers of the smartphone users.


Meanwhile, the company has now launched the application for the Android phones to be get downloaded from the Google Play store. This will give the perfect opportunity for the users of the Android as this application is backed by computer vision technology, Microsoft Selfie intelligently considers age, gender, skin tone, lighting, and many other variables – all with one click.

The application will let the user transform the average photos into enhanced, natural photos in seconds. The company has availed the detailed specification and users can read the company’s product description on Google Play.

The application is now available at the Google Play store, and the user can simply download it. Well, this application could prove to be the perfect one for the selfie lovers who looks to capture every single moment of their life in cameras.