Microsoft launches first desktop, Windows update with 3D features Specs Features

Microsoft launches first desktop, Windows update with 3D features Specs Features : Microsoft revealed its first eternally desktop computer plus a free update to its Windows OS that supports to choose using 3D simulations, and in beliefs of reinvigorating its computing industry.The Windows 10 Creators Update, and while coming in the beginning of 2017, allows mobile scan an object on any sides, therefore it can rotate 360 degrees in any the photo.


It further provides for 3D graphics in Microsoft’s current PowerPoint presentation software, including a new Paint 3D application provides edits in 3D.

The US tech giant announced its first desktop computer, called Surface Studio, a $3,000 high-end “all-in-one” device that aims at Apple’s Mac.


According to the source, reports, Microsoft chief executive Satya Nadella said, We are creating a different class that transforms your box into a productive workshop. With a large, 28-inch linked touchscreen display promoted as the thinnest desktop monitor ever built. Also, The surface Studio joins to the Microsoft lineup of tablet and laptop projects for the award part, in a call to Apple.

Microsoft vice president Panos Panay announced that creators update for Windows 10, and The new PC has an ultra-HD 4.5K display, allowing more pixels than maximum current high-definition videos which definitely build a digital canvas for creating comfortable.

The brand-new PC will be ready in limited quantities, with extra parts available in 2017. Microsoft further published aSurface Book which its high-end equivalent tablet computer for $2,400, scoring enhanced graphics and computing capability.

Microsoft during declared its Windows 10 Creators OS would be given as a free update in quick 2017, allowing users to create 3D content and search into virtual and augmented fact.