Microsoft Window 10 has more users than Window 7 OS Now

Microsoft Window 10 has more users than Window 7 OS Now: You all should know that the Microsoft has finally taken over the Window 7 with their new Window 10. It is great news for the company as their previous Window wasn’t that good (Window 8.1). Some reports suggested that the Windows 10 has now 39.22% share followed by Windows 7’s 36.90% as of December, 2018. The reports looks is quite genuine as it is declared by the Net MarketShare.

Windows 10 is now more popular than Windows 7

Some reports are coming that it is a third-party tracking platform. Some sources are saying that the Microsoft’s intermediary Windows versions, Windows 8.1 and Windows 8, have about 5% share. Also, the reports are coming that the Apple’s Mac OS X 10.14 Mac OS X 10.14 is running on 4.54% of devices which is good news. Also, the reports are coming that 4.53% of PC users are still on Windows XP operating system which had released in 2001.

We think that the way Window 10 has grown is amazing. Also, the reports are coming that this thing is a big milestone for Microsoft as it continues to grapple with a fragmentation in its OS ecosystem and enterprises. They were working way too well since very long time but the success isn’t for their until they worked hard. We all have seen the efforts to push legacy devices to the newer OS.

Also, the reports are coming that the success is really good for the company as they have done great work. Microsoft released Windows 10 in July 2015. We are considering that the biggest-ever update to Microsoft’s PC software was quite good. Windows 10 came with a refreshed UI and a range of smart features. It was a great project and everyone is in love with it. Also, the Microsoft has announced that they’ll be rolling out updates to Windows 10 in the future instead of launching new Windows.