Microsoft Windows 10 Anniversary Update: New Features, Release Date, Experiences

Microsoft Windows 10 Anniversary Update: New Features, Release Date, Experiences :- Hurray! It’s celebration time. Window 10 is celebrating its 8 months anniversary. During its annual Build developer discussion last March, Microsoft illustrated the first principal update to Windows 10. The company marked the update “Anniversary Update” (as it implies the 1-year birthday of Windows 10’s release) and said it would reach to you this summertime.


It now seems like Microsoft is all set to reveal an official release time for the software update. To get you to the whole new world, Pocket-lint has detailed all you need to acknowledge about Windows 10 Anniversary Update, comprising when it’s due, what it specifications, how much it costs, and everything more you require to know. Make sure you stay back here for the latest erudition, as we intend to update this theme over time.

Just 8 months after Microsoft issued Windows 10, it declared an “Anniversary Update” to the software that would reach to you by this summer. Windows 10 triumphs over 300 million users and has over 500 various device designs, and soon, it’ll get masses of new features, Microsoft said, appreciations to the upcoming update, which was earlier dubbed Redstone.

The software is introduced to bring new features that concentrate on Windows Ink and changing stylus-use. It’ll also bring expansions for Edge and upgrades for Hello and Cortona, amongst other things.

The Anniversary Update will bring a whole new world of various features to Windows10. Here’s a list of some of the several remarkable changes:

We exist in a world that is swiftly developing when we talk about technology. No sooner have you get the latest smartphone, a modern, glistening and more superior comes out.

Windows 10 will get an incredible Ink apps workspace that is desktop friendly or locks screen. It will let you instantly access your “pen-friendly” apps. The complete thought behind this innovative feature and others is to expertly integrate Pen with daily use of the device, incorporating your fingers. That involves all from using Pen with a ruler commanded by multi-touch or on a map in Bing to discover distances.

Providing more authority to Pen, many apps beyond the platform will get new Windows Ink tools and abilities – comprising the facility for users to edit documents in Word by crossing elements out with Windows Ink, or working with stencils in Adobe apps, allowing you to add perfect curves in designs.

Windows Hello

window hello

The company verified that Windows Hello, a feature that lets you sign into your device, will now enable users to unlock devices, apps, and shielded sites in its Microsoft Edge browser without a password but preferably a fingerprint. It’s not still known which sites will approve the update.



Microsoft is also stating that Cortana, Siri-like assistant, is getting more features, alike the capability to make recommendations throughout the day, like suggesting to arrange transportation. Cortana will also be accessible on the lock screen so that you won’t require unlocking your PC to use the change. Microsoft will also launch a Cortana Collection in the Windows Store to make effortless to get apps that assist Cortana.

The Anniversary Update is not only rocking out to PCs but also Xbox One, conducting a universal store, Cortana, and other much-requested characteristics, according to Microsoft, such as background music on the solace. It’ll also proceed to Microsoft HoloLens, which has just started shipping.

Microsoft Edge


While Microsoft has already delivered on the promise to bring expansion support for Microsoft Edge, there are other features that the company announced during its Build developer discussion and the Microsoft Edge Web pinnacle. Microsoft is expected to add Windows Hello biometric authentication, allowing you to sign-in to websites using your thumbprint or your face.

Microsoft Edge will also get network notifications in Action Center. You will also be empowered to better customize the foremost tab page, re-arrange top site tiles, and right-click on a website link to keep the site for later inspecting in Reading mode.

The Anniversary Update’s definite release date hasn’t been declared yet. Windows 10 was formally released on 29 July 2015 – but that doesn’t indicate the Anniversary Update, which is meant to mark the operating system’s initial launch last summer, will issue on that date in 2016.

On 28 June, Microsoft mistakenly declared its Anniversary Update would become accessible from 2 August. But the complete post was pulled down just moments later, leading numerous eagle-eyed fans to think the post must’ve been issued by accident.

It’s not clear if Microsoft posted the incorrect information or just hit the publish button early, yet we can assume the Redmond-based company to make an official release sooner somewhat than later. We’re also hoping that the knowledge in the now-deleted post is correct: Windows 10’s Anniversary Update will come to you this August.

When it is ripe, the Anniversary Update will be released via Windows Update. That means it will fix automatically. There are no hand-operated tasks involved.

The Anniversary Update will be free of charges to anybody with a device already running Windows 10. If you’re updating from an old-fashioned version of Windows, you’ll have to spend $119 for a full install.

You can begin experimenting some of the new Anniversary Update characteristics, comprising the new dark theme and remarkable new tweaks, by updating your computer to the newest Windows 10 via the Fast ring of updates. You must be isolated of Microsoft’s Windows Insider program in order to get your abilities on an Insider preview build, which is fundamentally a beta.

To become a Windows Insider, all you require is a Microsoft account and a PC running on Windows 10. If you have both those, you’re competent to join the Insider program whenever you’re ready. Just move to

  • Microsoft’s Windows Insider website,
  • sign into your Microsoft account and
  • click Get Started
  • Read the Program Agreement, and join the program.

In Windows 10,

  • open the Settings app,
  • click Update & Security, thenWindows Update.
  • From there, select Advanced Options.
  • Under the Get Insider Preview builds section, select Get started.

One you’ve joined theWindows Insider program, you can choose from numerous levels (rings) of preview builds, vary from a firmest with few new features to least firm with many, speedy changes.

By default, you’re allowed to the Liberation Preview ring, but you can shift rings at any time. Just go to the Windows Update menu in Windows Settings, then select Advanced Options, and adjust the slider.

Stay tuned with us. Till then burn the fire of the anticipations in yourself. (wink)

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