Google, Verizon, Microsoft Won’t Buy Social Media Company Twitter

Google, Verizon, Microsoft Won’t Buy Social Media Company Twitter :- The rumors about the selling of Twitter has again taken off. It is believed that from a long time, Twitter is looking for a technology company that can buy them and even, they are in talk with Microsoft, Google, Verizon, and Microsoft.


Even, the couple of companies are still in a bid to invest in Twitter, but Microsoft has taken aback in a race to buy the Twitter. Earlier, the news was coming that Twitter will soon organize a bid to sell it, but Microsoft has cleared that they are not in a line to but Twitter.

According to the sources, Microsoft has taken u turn they recently purchased LinkedIn worth $26.6 billion. The officials of the Microsoft is not in the mood to again make the big investment after buying Linkedin. Although still there are no official words from the seniors of Microsoft, experts believe that there is a high possibility that Microsoft will keen to avoid the bid of Twitter.

The decision of Microsoft to not purchase get another reason on September 23, 2016, when the share of Twitter jumped more than 19 percent to $22.22 per share. After, this sudden rise in shares, the Twitter worth has now reached $16 billion.

Experts are sure that Microsoft will look to avoid the bid of Twitter especially after the sudden rise in the total worth of Twitter.