Nitin Gadkari: US Extends its Support Cooperation To India In Road & Transport Sector

Nitin Gadkari: US Extends its Support Cooperation To India In Road & Transport Sector :- Union Road Transport and Highway Minister, Nitin Gadkari told media that US has extended its support and cooperation to India in road and transport sector. He also said we have discussed road engineering and regulations for the construction. US offered India that US will give India all technical cooperation for standardisation of our Indian core for road construction, bridges and flyovers.


Nitin Gadkari visits to the US to attract FDI for the infrastructure sector in India. Gadkari said that the US is ready to share all kind of technic which is used in to make road bridges and flyovers with India.

He also added that the National Highway Traffic Safety Authority of US is ready to support and cooperate with us. He said that it is a big task for the Indian Government, particularly for road and transport department.

Gadkari said that 20 kms of road a day is constructed by the Government of India has within two years.

Road and Transport Ministry have already signed the road contact for more than 18,000 km. The Ministry have taken decision to convert our national highway from 96,000 km to 2 lakh km. Out of it, the Ministry have already cleared 55,000 as national highway, said Nitin Gadkari.

Gadkari said that we explained all type of plans in the road sector. We talked particularly about the Sagarmala project, where we are expecting 12 lakh crores of investment.

The logistics cost in India is 18%. It is one of the obstacles for our exports. The logistic cost in China is 8% and in European countries it is 8-12%. By creating this coastal transport and transport inland waterways, we can reduce the cost up to 12%. Only then it will be possible for us to fulfil ‘Make in India’,” Gadkari added.