Mishal Raheja to get paid Rs 1.6 lakh per day for Ishq Ka Rang Safed post re-entry

Mishal Raheja to get paid Rs 1.6 lakh per day for Ishq Ka Rang Safed post re-entry :- We haven’t digested the fact yet that Dhani has left the show and this was not less than a shock for the fans and here is another shocking news when Mishal Raheja stated that he was leaving the show Ishq Ka Rang Safed a while back. The cause of the shock was said to be the ‘unsatisfying pay’ being paid to him. Thereafter, it was stated that he is certainly staying on the program as Viplav Tripathi.

Mishal Raheja

What’s surprising is the amount the actor has asked the makers to charge in his new contract. Mishal will be getting Rs 1.6 lakh per day, which is one of the highest price being paid to TV stars in the now situation. It puts him much first of many famous stars including the peers of Vivian Dsena and Shabbir Ahluwalia. It should be regarded that the program airs all seven days in a week, which is a lot to work for any actor and becomes quite hectic.

It looks like the producer of the show agreed to his demand of price hike due to the demand from fans and followers. People loved the couple before on the show Dhaani (Eisha Singh) and Viplav (Mishal). However, Eisha quitted the show as she did not desire to execute the role of a mom to a five-year-old child. The makers obviously could not afford to have both the characters leaving the show and discussed the matter with Mishal.

The actor gave a quote to Bombay Times stating,

“I believe I deserve the amount I have quoted for a seven-day telecast.” We feel that many actors will agree with Mishal given the workload and stress that a seven-day show involves.

The actor is appreciated for his dramatic skills right from his debut show, Laagi Tujhse Lagaan, where he played the role of Dutta Bhau he also worked before that in a show telecasted on Sab Tv Love story.