Missiles Sales: India is talking with friendly nations for sale

Missiles Sales: India is talking with friendly nations for sale: Well, reports are coming that India is talking to some friendly foreign countries to sell them the BrahMos supersonic cruise missiles and Akash air defense missiles along with some other military hardware and software. This is a really great news because it will make some great bucks and by this step, India will be one of those countries who is selling the military equipment. Also, the Defence minister Nirmala Sitharaman officially announced that on Monday.

Missiles Sales: India is talking with friendly nations for sale

Nirmala Sitharaman said, “There is a growing interest in Indian missile systems and the government wants to sell them to friendly nations. The interest in Indian missiles is definitely growing and we are addressing it.” Overall, it is a great step and finalizing deals to export defense equipment, with prolonged negotiations over aspects like cost, is at times “frustrating” but the interest in the Indian missiles is “sustained.”

Also, she didn’t indicate any name any specific country but she did say that they are talking to some friendly nations. Also, you all may know that India is known to have offered the BrahMos missiles, whose range is now being extended from the earlier 290-km to Vietnam. India has also received requests for the BrahMos missiles, jointly developed with Russia, from at least seven other countries from the Asia-Pacific, Latin America and the Middle East regions as per the reports.

Some source that India is talking with Vietnam, apart from providing it military supplies and submarine training. It looks they are talking about Akash area defense missile system, which is designed to intercept incoming hostile aircraft, helicopters, drones and sub-sonic cruise missiles.  Overall, this whole thing looks good for the nation because it is making us more connective and friendly with other nations.