Missing Egypt flights : Donald Trump tweeted, Its Another Terrorist Attack

Missing Egypt flights : Donald Trump tweeted, Its Another Terrorist Attack : Donald Trump is always known for his controversial statement and his different policies. He is a Republican Presidential candidate. This time, we have another news about Donald Trump.


Donald Trump on Thursday said about the Egypt missing air flight. Donald said that disappearance of an EgyptAir plane over the Mediterranean looked like an act of terrorism.

Many authorities and agencies said that it was too soon to say about Egypt missing the flight. According to them, it’s too early to comment or to declare about the cause the Airbus A320 carrying 66 people to come down on its way from Paris to Cairo.

Donald tweeted in the morning about this Egypt Flight missing that “Looks like yet another terrorist attack. He also added and raised a question that “when would they get tough, smart and vigilant”? Donald said that it was a sign of great hate and sickness.

Some opponent leaders of Republican who served in Democratic President Barack Obama’s administration said that Trump’s tweet came too soon. They should give a chance and wait for the response of officials to discover that what had happened?

Former U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates also stated that Donald tweet was too soon. He should think before he said or before he wrote.

According to the reports Former U.S Defense Secretary Robert Gates told MSNBC about Donald’s tweet that “It’s always better to wait until you act – know what the facts are before you open up.

Current U.S President Barack Obama summarized on the missing plane, and he has directed officials to offer US assistance, the White House said.

Former US Defence Secretary termed his statement as a remark of irresponsible he also raised a question that what if it turn out not to be a terrorist event? Then what did he having these allegations and so on?