Ashley Bush, Missing Pregnant Arkansas Woman and Her Child Found Dead, Missouri Couple Arrested

Ashley Bush, Missing Pregnant Arkansas Woman and Her Child Found Dead, Missouri Couple Arrested:- We are saddened to announce that the search for a pregnant Arkansas woman ended at a tragic point. According to the latest reports provided by the Benton County Sheriff’s Office, Ashley Bush who was missing since Oct 31 was found dead. It is with the greatest sorrow that Ashley Bush and her child were found dead. When Ashley Bush was reported missing she was 31 weeks pregnant. An aggressive search operation was being carried out by the officers. Since this news surfaced, people who awaiting the update have been shocked and stunned. Now people who knew Ashley Bush are questioning who killed her and if the police made any arrests in this case. There are numerous aspects that you should learn by reading down the page. Scroll down the page and take a look below for more details.

Ashley Bush Missing Pregnant Arkansas Woman and Her Child Found Dead Missouri Couple Arrested

Missing Pregnant Arkansas Woman Ashley Bush and Her Child Found Dead

According to the reports, Ashely Bush and her unborn child, both were found dead in McDonald, Missouri. What about the suspects? Reportedly, the Benton County Police Department arrested a couple for allegedly killing Ashley Bush and her unborn child. Both suspects are said to be a married couple who is facing charges of first-degree kidnapping and murder. Scroll down the page and read the names of the suspects who are in custody and other information in the further section.

As per the reports, Amber and Jamie Waterman are the suspects who have been charged with several felony charges for allegedly killing a pregnant woman. The Benton County Sheriff Shawn Holloway said on Thursday, November 3, 2022, “This was one of the most horrific cases that I had been personally involved with, it is not known at this time if Bush was killed in Arkansas or Missouri.”

Nathan Smith who is Benton County Prosecuting Attorney said, “Law enforcement have reason to believe that both of them are involved in this crime and obviously as the facts play out, and the investigation continues, we’ll know the extent of that involvement for both of them. But evidence is, at this point, that there was reason to hold both of them for charges,”

According to the reports, the cause of the death of Ashley Bush was a fatal gunshot. Yes, the missing Arkansas woman was shot to death. Reportedly, Ashley was last seen in a pickup truck while sitting in the passenger seat.

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