Mission Sapne Season 2 21th Feb 2016 Episode 5 Parineeti Chopra turns book Seller

Mission Sapne Season 2 21th Feb 2016 Episode 5 Parineeti Chopra turns book Sellerr : 21th February on Mission Sapne season 2, today bollywood famous actress Parineeti Chopra will be the guest of the show and will become a book seller for to fulfill and support the dream of Bhanu. This jesture of Parineeti shows that she has a heart of gold. parineeti announced on the show that she is the brand ambassador of Haryana’s beti bachao beti padhao initiative, and so she feels tht there shouldn’t be any disparity between man and woman.


On today’s show it will tell the story of an ordinary man lives in a society of thousand people who struggle for a better future of their family, but not able to make it as big as they want. In order to give education that she deserve, Bhanu and his wife sell books on the Mira Road bridge and they are visually handicaped, but still trying their best to educate her daughter at any how.


Mission Sapne is a great effort towards the hardship faced by ordinary people in today life, so the celebrities join hands to bring some different where it is needed and is useful.

The show is an endeavor to give back to the society, by bringing the life of a common man to limelight. In season 2, we will see celebrities such as Vidya Balan, Sania Mirza, Akshay Kumar, Arjun Kapoor, Parineeti Chopra, Alia Bhatt, Sonakshi Sinha, Jimmy Shergill, Sonu Nigam and Manish Paul come forward to fulfill some of the dreams of common man.

Parineeti turned into a book and stationary vendor at a suburban mall of Mumbai to aid 13-year-old Bhavna by earning her daily wages. While Parineeti was busy selling coloring books and sketch pens, she even entertained her customers and displayed crazy dance moves that caught everyone’s attention.

This week on Mission Sapne 2, watch Parineeti take on the life of Bhanu and his wife for a day and raise funds for the education of their daughter who wants to become and IPS officer someday.