Mizoram Vidhan Sabha Chunav Parinam 2018 Live Updates| New CM| Seat Wise Winner MLA Name

The Mizoram Vidhan Sabha election was held on 28th November 2018 in a single stage poll to choose its new assembly. The North eastern state has never seen a BJP government while on the other hand Chief Minister Lal Thanhawla, who is from Congress party, has supervised his government in Mizoram since 2008. Madhya Pradesh Assembly Election Result 2018

Mizoram Vidhan Sabha Chunav Parinam 2018 Live Counting Result

Presently, Congress has only Mizoram in the Northeast states in India but the exit polls as well as various News surveys indicates the winning of Mizo National Front (MNF) this time in the state assembly elections. Rajasthan Vidhan Sabha Chunav Parinam 2018

Congress has been governing Mizoram from past 10 years and if the perditions from exit poll and News surveys gets correct, then it might be a great loss for the congress party to lose the power from Mizoram which they are leading from past ten years. Mizoram Assembly Election Result 2018 Live Vote Counting Updates

Mizoram Assembly Election 2018: Assembly Constituencies

  1. Hachhek
  2. Dampa
  3. Mamit
  4. Tuirial
  5. Kolasib
  6. Serlui
  7. Tuivawl
  8. Chalfilh
  9. Tawi
  10. Aizawl North-I
  11. Aizawl North-II
  12. Aizawl North-III
  13. Aizawl East-I
  14. Aizawl East II
  15. Aizawl West-I
  16. Aizawl West-II
  17. Aizawl West-III
  18. Aizawl South-I
  19. Aizawl South-II
  20. Aizawl South-III
  21. Lengteng
  22. Tuichang
  23. Champhai North
  24. Champhai South
  25. East Tuipui
  26. Serchhip
  27. Tuikum
  28. Hrangturzo
  29. South Tuipui
  30. Lunglei North
  31. Lunglei East
  32. Lunglei West
  33. Lunglei South
  34. Thorang
  35. West Tuipui
  36. Tuichawng
  37. Lawngtlai West
  38. Lawngtlai East
  39. Saiha
  40. Palak

The results for the 40 constituencies in Mizoram will be declared on December 11 along with 4 other states election declaration such as Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Telangana and Madhya Pradesh.

In 2008 elections Indian National Congress won the election by 32 seats while Mizo National Front won    3 seats, Mizoram People’s Conference won 2 seats, Zoram Nationalist Party won 2 seats and Maraland Democratic Front won just 1 seat.

While on 2013 elections, Congress got a great victory by 44.6 per cent votes and 34 seats out of the 40 in the Assembly. While, BJP on the other hand was not able to grab any single seat in Mizoram elections. Parties such as MNF and the Mizo People’s Conference (MPC) had won only five seats and one seat each.

The two party contending in Mizoram are basically Congress as well as MNF and this time it seems like that Mizoram is going to be taken by MNF and Congress have to leave its governance from Mizoram after such a long duration of ruling for 10 years.

Mizoram Assembly Election Results December 11, 2018

Total number of seats: 40 Majority: 21

PartyWin /LeadChange*

According to the consideration of news surveys, Mizo National Front (MNF) is likely to get the vote share of 32-34 per cent, the Zoram Nationalist Party might be getting 30- 31 per cent and the Congress on the other hand will win only 28-29 per cent seats in Assembly election.

Mizoram Assembly Election 2013 Party Wise Results

StateWin+LeadSecond Win+LeadOthers Win+Lead
MizoramINC 34MNF 5Others 1



Results 2013



Results 2008

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