Modi: Like freedom struggle, we need a movement for development

Modi: Like freedom struggle, we need a movement for development :- India needs a movement similar to the freedom movement for its development, Prime Minister Modi Ji said on Saturday.

“We need a movement, where the aspirations increase the country’s growth,” Modi said.

“ We should dream of a new India and mantra will be an opportunity for all as well as India of self-respect.For many years, we had travelled in wrong directions,” he said.

The decisions then were ‘election based’ but things have changed now. Government is looking with “total vision,” he added

PM said, “If there is a disruptor-in-chief, it is not Modi but the people of India who are entitled to this moniker. The new India is about opportunities for all.The people are united in the country today to finish bad things within. This will strengthen the foundation of the new India.”

“This is not an idea to destroy systems. We have changed the work culture.We have focused on implementation and thinking. Our processes are citizen-friendly.”

As India’s economy is transformed, the manufacturing sector is getting a boost.”

He also said that the technology has undergone a unique transformation in past 15 years.