Modi Promises Early Decision On Special Status To Andhra Pradesh

On Friday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi assured that Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu that a special decision will definitely be made on providing the special category status to Andhra Pradesh state. The prime Minister of India also promised that this action will be taken very soon.


The Prime Minister meet the Naidu in Parliament at his office, where Naidu invited Mr. Narendra Modi for the Krishna Pushkaram. The whole meeting went for a long duration and it is believed that both discussed various issues, problems, and special status demand of the state.

Naidu informed the media wing that he has made it clear to the Prime Minister of India that the people of Andhra Pradesh will be get satisfied with anything other than the special status. Naidu further added that ” I made it pretty clear to our honorable Prime Minster that the delay in providing the special status and other demand of Andhra Pradesh’s people will hand over the opposition party an advantage that they will never spare.

Naidu also made it clear that that Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley’s statement in the Rajya Sabha led to anxiety among people.

Last week, Arun Jaitley recently told Rajya Sabha that our government will not able to provide the Andhra Pradesh with special staus as the state is economically well at this time.

Meanwhile, Naidu visited Prime Minister house to clear everything out and even, Prime Minister told him that he will definitely take the decision very soon.

Well, it looks like a different kind of politics is going to the BJP party itself, as Jaitley is looking on other track and rest of its minister is looking on different track. The time has only answered about it and it will be interesting to see, what Modi will decide on this issue.