Mogadishu’s Hayat Hotel Attack: At Least 12 Islamists Killed In Somali Hotel

Mogadishu’s Hayat Hotel Attack: At Least 12 Islamists Killed In Somali Hotel:- The Shooting happened in the Somali capital in a hotel in which a gunman came with weapons and killed many people who were presented in the hotel. This incident took place on 19th August 2022. This incident is now getting viral and people are tensed after hearing this news. People want to know what exactly happened and who is responsible for this attack and how many people are dead and many other facts. If you are here to know the same so we have mentioned the detailed story of this shooting in the next section’. so, let’s have a look in the next section.

Mogadishu's Hayat Hotel Attack: At Least 12 Islamists Killed In Somali Hotel Somalia's capital Mogadishu militants  two car bomb blasts CCTV Footage Videos Pics

What Happened In Mogadishu Hotel?

This incident happened in the Somali capital and an unidentified gunman seized the hotel and killed many people they did some large explosions in the area which also killed many innocent lives. The people or members of the family who were there are upset and tense and want to do strict action and save their family members. Now the good news is that police Major Farah  Hussein has confirmed that security forces of Somalia have entered the hotel and now have control of the major parts of the women.

How Many People Die In Attack?

The people who were killed by a terrorist group were sent to the Hospital at Madina and now a statement came by the Doctor named Ahmed Abdi that the death rate is now increasing and victims are in critical condition Madina is one of the best hospitals in the Mogadishu and the hospital is still getting dead bodies and injured people. Two security people were also injured in this incident and Police are now trying hard to get over this attack. Families of the victims are scared and many even didn’t get their dead bodies of them.

Behind This Attack?

This attack is done by the Ai-Shabaab group which claimed that they also posted a statement that fighters finally entered the Hotel after blasting. Though, the good news is that an airstrike was done by the US on Sunday and this resulted in the death of 13 members who are part of the terrorist group. The security officers have also taken control of the major area of the hotel and it is believed that people will get fine soon and this situation will also get stopped. We pray for the people who died in this shooting.

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