Mohanlal Blockbuster! Oppam 49th Day Till Now Box Office Collection Kamai Vasool

Mohanlal Blockbuster! Oppam 49th Day Till Now Box Office Collection Kamai Vasool :- Mohanlal’s back to back to releases are getting the good response from the box office of Malayalam cinema and people are coming out to watch his movies in very good numbers. As you all know that previous month release Malayalam movie app am is getting the good response from the cinemas and people are watching it in good numbers and now this month another flick Pulimurgan released and already collected awesome bucks for the makers.


Well, you can’t compare these both movies because they both have the different budget and different buzz in between People. But Yes! you can say that Pulimurgan collected far better than Oppam till now. But like I said above that the both movies are different and Oppam’s magic is still in between people and they are watching it in good numbers.

Oppam already completes the box office run and collected very good bucks for the makers and now Pulimurgan is doing the same thing at the box office. You can say that Mohanlal gets lottery back to back at the box office and I think he deserves that because it’s not easy to maintain that type of work at the age of 56. He is still looking good and young enough to attract people towards his movies.

49 days box office collection of the movie-

I am not saying that Oppam is still running at the box office with a very good condition but as you can see that movie complete 49 days since it was released in cinemas. People who watched the movie already said the movie is a blockbuster and even in an oversea country like in US Oppam and Pulimurgan both became the highest earning Malayalam movie ever.

The Total Box office collection of Oppam is around 35.00 Crore from the whole India. Even the movie collected 4.20 Crore from the overseas countries like I told you above. Well, I am not sure that this flick is going to make more money for the makers in upcoming days because people have other option to watch.

Yes! Mohanlal is going to be the actor of the year in Malayalam cinema or you can say he set the example for the other regional cinema’s actors. I am sure that his both movie are going to be one of the best movies till now in Malayalam cinema.