Mohenjo Daro Box Office Collection Till Now: 16th / 17th Day Earning Report

Mohenjo Daro Box Office Collection Till Now: 16th / 17th Day Earning Report :- Well, MohenJo Daro is Hrithik’s recent release History even based Romantic movie. Mohenjo Daro is big budget movie of the year but the box office collection is so disappointing. The movie is collecting very average bucks from the domestic box office. Even the makers are not that happy after seeing the box office collection report.

MohenJo Daro

Few days back Media and other sources said that because of the bad box office collection makers and Hrithik had a fight. Even the actor is blaming director for the bad box office collection of the movie. Also, the sources are saying that Hrithik’s upcoming movie “Fighter” is struggling to get producer from the box office.

Mohenjo Daro collected more than 100 Crore from the box office. But that earnings are not that good for the movie because movie completed more than 2 weeks in box office and still didn’t collected more than budget of the movie. Makers are not even confident enough for the movie. And the Critics and other media already said that the movie became bad deal for the makers.

Mohenjo Daro Box Office Collection

Well, after the total 16 days of release the movie stands with 102.30 Crore box collection earnings. The movie is only looking good in overseas but the domestic box office collection report was not that good. Also, the Movie is getting stick competition from the first day of release.

#MohenjoDaro [Wk 2] Fri 1.05 cr, Sat 1.28 cr, Sun 1.55 cr, Mon 62 lacs, Tue 59 lacs, Wed 68 lacs, Thu 47 lacs. Total: ₹ 57.42 cr. India biz.

#MohenjoDaro Week 1: ₹ 51.18 cr Week 2: ₹ 6.24 cr Total: ₹ 57.42 cr India biz.

#MohenjoDaro – OVERSEAS – Total after Week 2: $ 4.2 million [₹ 28.22 cr]. GOOD. Some markets yet to report… Best in UAE+GCC and Pakistan.

The third week of this movie is going to be bit more struggling because People have good buzz for the recent release “A Flying Jatt”. Also, the makers of Rustom just increased the screens in theaters for the audience.

Overall, till now the Mohenjo Daro is not even going to collect more than budget. And the movie is fully failed to get good reviews and word of mouth from the Critics as well as from the people. I am not sure that the box office collection report going to be increased in upcoming days.