Till Today! Mohenjo Daro 9th / 10th Day Box Office Collection (2nd Sunday) Earning

Till Today! Mohenjo Daro 9th / 10th Day Box Office Collection (2nd Sunday) Earning :- MohenJo daro is doing so average business in the box office of India. People are attracting towards the other co release Rustom and now it is clear that the movie didn’t survived because of the competition. As per the expectations of the critics the movie didn’t have that much buzz in North India only few states have average buzz for the movie.

Mohenjo Daro Box Office Collection

Mohenjo Daro Box Office Collection

The first week box office collection was so low and average. I think the shocking part is everybody who is related to the Mohenjo Daro did great hard work in the movie. But the audience didn’t attract towards the movie because of the worst reviews and big buzz of Rustom. But whatever movie collected from the very first day was not that bad.

The first weekend went awesome for the movie but other weekdays was not that good because movie suffering from the stick competition in box office. Makers are looking happy but not that satisfied with the collection of the movie. But overall I think the way this movie created bucks from the overseas was mind blowing.

Second weekend box office collection of the movie-

Where the other Co-release Rustom collected more than 100 Crore from the Indian box office Mohenjo Daro is struggling to collected 70 Crore from the box office. The movie made collected between 51.00 Crore from the very first week of release.

Now after the second weekend of release the movie stands for 68.25 Crore and that is average. Also the movie collected better bucks in overseas the collection report is far better than Rustom in overseas. MohenJo Daro collected 25.20 Crore from the overseas box office collection.

Pakistan and UAE is attracting good towards the movie and that is good news for the makers. 10th day box office collection is around 6.20 Crore and I am sure that the second week going to be bit better for the movie in India as well as in other countries.