Monsoon Hair Tips: Here’s how you can get rid of from Freeziness

Tired of Fizzy, tangled, dry, brittle and unmanageable hair? Don’t worry we are here with all the home tips which will not harm your hair and keep the fizziness at the bay. With the enjoyment of musical pitter-patter of rain in the monsoon, it also brings the fear of frizzy hair, itchy scalp and hair loss. Hair care becomes most important in the rainy season because your hair tends to lose moisture due to humidity.



Here are few tips which can keep all such problems at bay and give you oh so soft, Manageable and lustrous hair :-

Oil Massage

Woman having a scalp massage

One of the natural solutions is a warm oil massage can do wonder to your hair without any of the harsh chemical effects. Give a nice massage to your scalp and also the end of the hair to keep the split ends at bay and wash usually in the morning. Say hello to gorgeous you.

Hair Masks


Hair Masks are the rescue for the fizzy hair. A boon which can save you at the last moment trick. If you don’t want a big hole in your pocket you can also try a homemade hair mask trick. I personally also use it to get rid of frizzy hair.

Mix one tablespoon of Coconut Oil and mix with equal amount of honey, Warm the mixture and apply to the roots and scalp. Keep it for an hour. Wash it with cold water and Shampoo as usual.

Cut down the washes


Washing your hair too often can lead to more frizziness. Frizziness is prompt by dryness, and shampooing your hair too often can lead to over dryness as it strips down the natural oil of your scalp. So cut down your washes to only twice a week.

To the rescue use dry shampoo easily available nowadays.

Say no to Hairstyling Products


Cut down the use of dryers, Straighteners, and curlers. Let your hair breathe. Hairstyling products can give you stylish look but it will harm your hair to what extent you can not even imagine.

Also, here are some home remedies to rescue you:-

• Take castor oil and add a teaspoon of lavender essential oil in it. Set this mixture on flame for a minute. Massage it gently into your scalp. Leave it overnight. Shampoo your hair in the morning. Follow this at least twice a week.
• Take 3 eggs, 2 tablespoons olive oil and 1 teaspoon vinegar. Mix these elements together. Apply it on your hair and cover with a plastic cap. Leave it on for next 30 minutes. Then shampoo.
• Take a mug of cold water and four tablespoons of ACV. Pour it over your hair as the last rinse.
• Apply raw honey to your hair and scalp. Leave it on for about half an hour and then wash it with a very mild shampoo. This will also prevent split ends.

Hope you liked the post. For any queries, you can ask in the comment section below.