Most Michelin Decorated Chief; Joel Robuchon Died at 73

Most Michelin Decorated Chief; Joel Robuchon Died at 73: Reports are coming that Joel Robuchon who is very famous French master chef of haute cuisine by wowing palates died at the age of 73. Reports are coming that he was very famous for the delights of the simple mashed potato and giving diners a peek at the kitchen. He was one of the most known chefs of the world and that’s the saddest part of this whole death. Also, the reports are coming that Robuchon’s career was one of the superlatives.

He was very famous that he was named among the best craftsmen in France in 1976, crowned cook of the century in 1990, one of the cooks at the “dinner of the century,” and, for years, holder of the most Michelin stars in the world. Also, the reports are coming that a spokeswoman for Robuchon confirmed his death, with French TV station BFM and newspaper Le Figaro reports that he died in Geneva on Monday from cancer, citing his entourage.

Some reports are coming that Robuchon was also known for his work as constant innovation and even playfulness in the kitchen. Some reports are indicating that a revelation to the hidebound world of French cuisine. He had built an empire of gourmet restaurants across the world.

Also, the sources are saying that Patricia Wells, a cook and food writer, said,  “To describe Joel Robuchon as a cook is a bit like calling Pablo Picasso a painter, Luciano Pavarotti a singer, Frederic Chopin a pianist,” and later he added that “L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon,” a book about the chef and his students. “Joel Robuchon will undoubtedly go down as the artist who most influenced the 20th-century world of cuisine.” It was partially a rebuke to the Michelin star regime, which awards points not just for technique but also for the ambiance and service.