Most popular spots in Lviv

Most popular spots in Lviv :- Listed as one of the top cities to travel to in 2014 by Rough Guides and in 2015 by Lonely Planet, Lviv is a must visit city when traveling to Ukraine. Lviv boasts lovely European architecture and Ukrainian authenticity. These most popular spots to visit in Lviv will turn your trip into an ultimate Ukrainian travel experience.


Located in the Western part of the country, Lviv is often referred to as the most European city of Ukraine. This city has very little of the Soviet architecture, which is the core of other big cities in Ukraine. Lviv prides itself to be the cradle of Ukrainian culture and traditions as well as the most popular travel destination of Ukraine.

Climbing the High Castle Hill is considered a must-try Lviv travel experience by the majority of tourists. The steep walk will take around 30-minute from Rynok square. There’s little evidence of the 14th-century ruined stone fortress that is considered to be exact location from which the urban growth of Lviv started back in 13th century. Short steep climb will bring you to the summit mound, which offers 360-degree view of the city and the wooded hills around the city. This is one of the best panoramic viewing platforms of Lviv and the most crowded one as well.

Another tourist hot-spot of Lviv is Rynok Square or Ploshcha Rynok, as referred to by locals. It is located at the heart of Lviv city. Surrounded by a string of architecturally lovely buildings, this square is one of the most picturesque places of Lviv. The 19th-century Ratusha tower stands in the middle of the square, with fountains featuring Greek gods at each of its corners. Rynok Square is usually crowded with tourists as it houses a lot of restaurants, bars and museums.

Often not included in the travels’ bucket lists, Olga & Elizabeth Cathedral is a place really worth visiting. The Cathedral is now gaining its popularity due to the viewing platform on one of the towers, which has been opened recently. Located near Lviv central railway station, Olga & Elizabeth Cathedral is one of the most beautiful religious buildings in the city. You will spot this magnificent gothic Cathedral right away. It’s always exciting to discover a city from above… Lviv makes no exception with its spectacular monuments and landmarks. The view from Olga & Elizabeth tower is truly magical and gives a 360-degree Lviv city vista.

Visit «Shevchenkivskiy Gai» in Lviv to learn more about the Ukrainian vernacular architecture. This open-air museum displays different samples of regional folk architecture: houses, windmills, churches and schools. All buildings are scattered over beautiful green park to the east of the city center. Everything is pretty spread out here, so the visit involves a lot of walking and a bit of hiking.

Don’t leave town until you’ve seen this amazing cemetery. Lychakivske Cemetery is a kind of Père Lachaise of Eastern Europe with the same sort of overgrown grounds and Gothic aura as the famous Parisian necropolis. Established in the late 18th century, it’s the place of eternal rest for West Ukraine’s prominent figures. Pride of place goes to the grave of the famous nationalist poet Ivan Franko, the patriotic singer-songwriter Volodymyr Ivasyuk and the most recent addition is the memorial to those who died during Revolution of Dignity in 2013.

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