MP: Teenage Couple Thrown off Cliff, skeletons found after 6 months

MP: Teenage Couple Thrown off Cliff, skeletons found after 6 months: Well, the news is coming straight from the Madhya Pradesh’s Indore where investigations into cases of abduction and loot with couples at picnic spots on the outskirts of Indore exposed a gory murder of a teenage boy and a girl. Sources are saying that they both were and thrown off a cliff, their skulls smashed with stones when one of the victims identified an attacker. Overall, now this old mystery is solved by the police and the proceeding is already started.

MP: Teenage Couple Thrown off Cliff, skeletons found after 6 months

As per the reports, Skeletons of the boy and the girl found in Nakodi Kund waterfall both were 19 reported missing since November 6, 2017. It is a picnic spot in jungles around 40km from the city. Even though now the crime branch and Badgonda police stumbled upon the twin murders while investigating the abduction and loot incident with a group of 10 college students. You all should know that the accused tried to do that again and abducted and taken deep into jungles on January 4, 2018. Also, he snatched valuables from them and held them captive till late in the evening.

During the abduction, one of the students managed to alert his friends through an SMS, which helped them rescued by the help of Police. After that the police had launched a massive search operation, thus alerting the abductors. They released the students at around 2 am and fled the spot.  The Police were trying to trace them ever since and now team got a breakthrough following a tip-off and zoomed in on the accused.

Also, the sources are saying that the Police raided different locations in Aada Pahad area, Pithampur, and Gaglyakhedi and arrested Balram Makwana, Ishwar Bheel, Keshav Baria and Govind Baria for the murder and other charges. Also, during the interrogation, they confessed to their crimes. The accused had been tailing unsuspecting picnickers in Mehandi Kund, Nakodi Kund, and Bamaniya Kund waterfalls.