MP woman who killed husband 2 kids claims she believed she was a goddess

Bhopal: An old woman(30) from Madhya Pradesh faced life imprisonment for killing her husband, two children and wounding seven others. The accused woman has claimed that she did so because she thought she was a goddess. As per the report that the woman wants the Supreme Court to set her free for her actions of four years ago, claiming she had no motive to kill her family members and attacked them with a pincer when a tantric was treating her for a mental illness.



Both the lower court and the High Court have convicted Rajwa Kol.  But, A bench headed by justice SA Bobde agreed to hear the appeal of Kol. The laywer of Kol – Dushyant Parashar contended she suffered from ‘delusions of grandeur’, and asserted that the courts before ignored the report of doctor confirming the condition of Kol.

In his report, the doctor said that when the patient was brought to the hospital she was in an aggressive mood and was talking too much. Kol was in an abnormal state. She used to call herself Devi (Goddess) and it seemed to her that she could punish any enemy.

Kol who is hailing from Sidhi district, Madhya Pradesh, went on a murder spree on 3rd March, 2012, killing her husband and two children and then assaulting seven people in a 12-hour rampage before she was subdued by locals.

In the month of November 2015, the trial court convicted Kol and sentenced her to death. But in the month of February this year, the High Court commuted the sentence to life imprisonment.

But both the courts dismissed the plea for immunity of Kol, and hence she has approached the Supreme court.