Mr Ali’s Free Fire ID Stats Indian Rank Annual Income YouTube Channel Subscribers

In this blog, we are going to talk about absolutely incredible and amazing gaming and video content creator, Mr Ali aka Mohamed Ali. Mr Ali is originally a very prominent and well-known name in the Free fire battle game and also for the Middle-east region and is also MCES Africa’s esports athlete. Mr Ali is an exceptionally talented gamer, streams and content creator and in this article, we will talk about his lifetime stats records, ranked stats record, his free fire Id. Other than that we also look into his social media accounts, including his Instagram Id, YouTube channel and also we look into his earnings in the upcoming section.

Mr Ali's Free Fire ID

The free fire Id of Mr Ali is 47218299. Firstly, we are going to look at the Ranked stats of the streamer. In this particular current season, Mr Ali has played a total of 512 squad matches, and out of which he has won 45 squad matches. His winning ratio in these matches is 8.79% while his k/d ratio of 3.64 in these matches and so far, he has killed 1696 opponents. The streamer has also taken part in solo matches as well as in duo matches and the game has yet to secure a win or frags in the game.

In this section, we will explore the Lifetime stats of Mr Ali. To date, the gamer has participated in 15070 squad matches, 1673 duo matches and 3627 solo matches. In the squad matches, out of 15070 matches, he has been undefeated into 2376 matches and his winning ratio is 15.71%, while so far, he has defeated 46101 enemies and has a k/d ratio of 3.64. In the duo mode, out of 1673 matches, the player has won 246 matches and his winning ratio in these matches, 14.71% and has a kill/death ratio of 3.03.

In the solo matches, the gamer has played 3627 solo matches and has been unbeatable in 376 solo matches and has a kill/death ratio of 2.38 in these matches, while the gamer has killed a total of 7721 opponents in these solo matches. Mr Ali also has an Instagram account, “@mr_ali_yt” and currently, he has 718K followers on his Instagram handle. The streamer also has a youtube channel named, “Mr ALI”.

He joined youtube on 3rd January 2016 and uploaded his first video in March 2019 and so far the gamer has uploaded 197 videos and to date, Mr Ali has 1.24 million subscribers on his youtube channel. His current ranking in terms of youtube subscriber is 134 in his home country. Now, we will jump into the earning of the gamer. As per the sources, the estimated monthly earning of the gamer is USD105 to USD1.8K, while his annual earnings USD1.3K to USD19.8K. For more such news, follow our page.

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