MrBeast: Naruto’s Iconic Voice Artist Takeuchi to Collaborate With YouTube King

Internet sensation Mr. Beast, the most subscribed YouTuber has decided to be everywhere now. Our viewers must be confused by our statement. Don’t get confused. We are here for you to provide you with all the happenings around the corners of the world. The recent update is about Mr Beast’s new move. The most popular YouTuber has now focused on Japan to increase the online consumption of his videos. How’s his plan for flooding his videos in Japan is the recent talk of the internet. The news is that the YouTube king has tied up his collaboration with Junko Takeuchi, the voice behind the famous anime character, Naruto Uzumaki. The billionaire is always planning big. Let’s see what’s new planning in his mind. Be with us.


Mr. Beast who recently visited Japan met the voice actress Tekeuchi and expressed his wish for dubbing his videos in his voice. Mr. Beast, a great fan of the anime character Naruto Uzumaki, shared his desire while visiting Japan. The voice actress Takeuchi is a well-known anime voice actress who has worked for various roles. Her collaboration with Mr. Beast is going to fame her more now. The visionary Youtuber Mr. Beast has plans for producing dubbed videos in Spanish, Portuguese, and Japanese. Until now, he has covered many languages across the world and his videos are getting millions of views. His subscriber list is around 150 million on the main channel. His continuous expansion around the world is flooding the internet.

MrBeast: Naruto’s Iconic Voice Artist Takeuchi

The fan’s favorite is a great fundraiser for many charities and his channel like Beast Philanthropy is for the noble cause. He owns many channels. He is a diehard favorite among fans. The Japanese dub from Takeuchi is an especially significant one for the YouTuber, as he is a great Naruto fan as he shared many times in his videos. Junko Takeuchi, the most popular voice actor in the country, and from now on she would also be the voice of Mr. Beast.

Mr.  Beast’s videos are famous for invoking nostalgia among the audience are now going to reach South Asian countries. Mr.  Beast shared the news of the tie-up with actress Junko Takeuchi on his Instagram story. One can think about how the list of subscribers is going to escalate for Mr.  Beast’s channels. However, fans and followers are excited to hear Mr.  Beast in a new voice. The young YouTube king who is just 25 has rocked the world till now. What the future upholds, let’s watch. Stay tuned.

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