MTNL Offers 2GB of 3G Data per Day with Reliance Jio Prime Effect

MTNL Offers 2GB of 3G Data per Day with Reliance Jio Prime Effect :- As ‘JIO’ broke the records since few months. Vast Responses are coming from around the world.Not just ‘JIO’ provided maximum speed but it was also sold with $0.00 charges. It has crossed over 72 million customers till march. Almost 110 million subscribers have been added. Ambani said- It’s an honour to announce ‘JIO’ and special thanks to all the customers joined so far.

MTNL Offers 2GB of 3G Data per Day

By the growth of ‘JIO’ customers, Mtnl company faces loss and its customers have been reduced since ‘JIO’ is announced.Now the manager of the MTNL company decides to launch new offers due to loss faced in the past few months.

The manager of ‘MTNL’ officially announces 2gb of 3gb data per day and unlimited calling like ‘JIO’ for just Rs 319 only. The above plan is valid for one month, customers must renew their plan after one month to use services. Many users have already subscribed to the plan. By the profit/loss data of the ‘MTNL’ company, the profit seems double now and they have recovered the loss.

Its other plans such as: In Rs 597, the company offers up to 2mbps/512kbps till 9-10gb which is ranked one of the most suitable plans. Day by day, Mtnl services are getting better and they are planning to launch a new scheme which is expected to be announced by next month.

It is also said that the company will provide special offers on the plan of 319 by the month of May. ‘Mtnl’ is considered the second most ranked network as compared to Gio. Though, customers care services of ‘Mtnl’ are much better. Now by the plan of 399, the company has grabbed million of users. Stay tuned for further updates and if you have any issues or queries about the plan just write in the comment box below.