Mtv Big F 20th December 2015 Episode 11 Written Details |Gautam Gulati

The television series “Big F” Gautam Gulati present as we know deals with the inner fantasy of the people. Tonight the TV series will be talks a secret fantasy of a widow who will be fall for her own after death of brother-in-law. Let’s have some glimpses of the particular episode of tonight.

big f

Big F Episode 11

Abigail Jain and Randeep Rai to feature in “MTV Big F” Abigail Jain, who has been seen doing many episode of “Big F” very recently and Randeep Rai, who was last seen in popular show like Channel V’s ‘O Gujariya : Badlein Chal Duniya’ and ‘Diya Aur Baati Hum’ on Star Plus.

The story of “Big F” will revolve around a guy, who goes to see a girl for his brother with his family and ends up falling in love with that girl after seeing her. But he is unable to confess his love for her as she is his elder brother’s supposed to be wife (Bhabhi). But somehow the boy and his Bhabhi come together as circumstances compel them to come together, after the death of his Brother.

When the young man sees his Bhabhi being widow she is and she is alone in her life. He goes close to her and his inner forbidden fantasy alive which is considering taboo in our Indian society. Despite she is his Bhabhi still, he wants to have him.

As per media report Randeep stated to Press that, “Yes I am doing the episode of MTV Big F. I am playing the character of Nakul, who is an Army officer. It’s an interesting character and episodic are fun as you get to play different characters”.

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