3 Final Teams! MTV Chase The Monsoon Season 2 Episode HD Video Performances 6 Ultimate Bikers

3 Final Teams! MTV Chase The Monsoon Season 2 Episode HD Video Performances 6 Ultimate Bikers :- The popular entertaining channel MTV announces “Chase The Monsoon Season 2” aka ‘Ceat MTV Chase The Monsoon’ which is based on the theme social biking road trip and the show is all about to feel your fear which you are having so to perform stunt and the show will be also making an effort to win the fear.


The team of the show “Chase The Monsoon Season 2” says that “If you don’t ride in the rain, you don’t ride.” It is time for bikers to chase the rains this monsoon, as Ceat and MTV are back with the second edition of ‘Ceat MTV Chase the Monsoon’, it is a web reality show that is actually promoted by social media. This season the biking road trip gets bigger with 24 days of rain and it will be content by a dozen of adventure across 4500kms of India’s toughest roads from the driest to the wettest division of the country.

Bikers, in teams of two, need to register first in order to qualify for their trip. The 4 teams selected will set out with a limited budget to explore the sights, scenes, and lifestyle during the Indian Monsoons season. With the limited budget the contenders will be having in these they have to figure out their stay, fuel, food and every other expense they can think of to meet up.

They can get in touch with people from other cities via social platforms to host and they can also take help from them.

The road trip will be documented by the reality TV series “Chase The Monsoon Season 2” production team with the motive to share across various social platforms on a daily basis with photographs, videos, and textual updates.
Interestingly, the face of the show is Roadies fame Rannvijay Singh who is roped to hold the responsibility to host the show who is currently also part of the TV reality show “Splitsville 9”.